Candidate Castro Seeks to Expand Drug Treatment

Essex County sheriff’s candidate William Castro says the sheriff’s department can do more to ensure former prisoners integrate well with society and not return to a life of crime.

Appearing on the Open Mike Show Monday, April 4, with Tim Coco, Castro said prisoners could be providing more services within the community as they undertake work details. He said he would have prisoners more involved in anti-graffiti cleanup, for example, in urban neighborhoods.

Castro, a Democrat seeking to replace retiring Sheriff Frank G. Cousins Jr., also said he would expand the department’s Drug Detox Housing Unit. He said the treatment-oriented program has helped people overcome drugs and made their reintegration into society more successful.

He also expressed concern over the department exceeding its budget and believe costs can be contained with better controls on employee overtime.

He began his career in 1999 as an Essex County Sheriff’s Department correctional officer in Middleton. Previously, he served as a security officer for the Internal Revenue Service and worked as an auxiliary police officer in Haverhill. Castro has received a number of commendations including those from New England Narcotic Enforcement Officers’ Association, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Lowell Police Department and Greater Boston Federal Executive Board “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.”

2 thoughts on “Candidate Castro Seeks to Expand Drug Treatment

  1. Someone should let Mr. Castro know his campaign contributions are a little light, I mean non-existent, to Beacon HIll cronies. Cousins was/is certain a master in the quid pro quo of contributions with a little over $28K still in the coffers, but at least almost all of Mr. Castro’s contributions went to Frank. Now the only question is: “Will Frank return the favor?”

  2. Employees of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department are allowed to name a child as beneficiary of their death benefits….it is not required it be a spouse. This means a child can receive monthly pension/death payments and healthcare benefits for decades after the death of a parent who an employee here. If a child starts receiving benefits at age 30 and lives to be 80 taxpayers funding this scam for 50 years!!
    William Castro…if you are serious about cost cutting there is no better place to start than this scam.