Creative Haverhill Seeks Light Pole Banner Designs

An online flyer invites sponsorships for the light pole banners.

Creative Haverhill has extended both a deadline and age qualification for local artists to submit designs for light pole banners within the Haverhill Riverfront Cultural District.

A selection committee for a pilot banner program to define the cultural district’s boundaries has extended a submission deadline to Tuesday, April 5 and lowered an entrants age requirement from 18 to 16 years. The group asks local artists to “submit designs for a spring/summer theme or an autumn/winter theme.” Four designs, two for each season, will be selected on or around April 11. Winners will receive $300 per chosen design, limited to one per category.

“This pilot banner program, subsidized by a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency, will bring color and vibrancy to the Haverhill Riverfront Cultural District, while helping define its boundaries with colorful banners on 50 street poles along Washington Street, Essex Street, Wingate Street and Railroad Square,” a statement read.

Digital format submissions (jpg, png, or tif) are required and “should be proportionate to final banner dimensions of 18 inches wide by 36 inches high.”

An “adopt-a-pole” sponsorship program, at $125 per pole, per year, is also available.

For more details, contact Creative Haverhill, 21 Wingate St., Unit 104, at (978) 641-3192, or at

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