Methuen Seeks Help Identifying Men Who Altered ATM

One of two men caught on camera.

Image of second man at right.

Image of second man at right.

Methuen police are seeking the public’s help in identifying two men who were seen placing a skimming device at a TD Bank ATM last week.

Last Friday, March 11, police were notified that a skimmer had been placed at a TD Bank ATM, 145 Pelham St. Video surveillance reveals that the device was installed around 8 a.m. A customer located and removed the skimmer at approximately 2:20 p.m., said Police Chief Joseph Solomon.

The skimmer was placed outside the ATM and a camera was also attached above the pin pad. Two men, believed to be of Indian descent, were captured on video installing the skimmer.

“We are asking for residents’ help identifying these suspects,” Solomon said. “Thankfully a customer was able to locate the skimmer not long after it was installed, but we urge anyone who used the ATM that day to check their accounts immediately.”

The U.S. Department of the Treasury reports that thieves attach skimming devices, designed to look like a normal card reader, to money machines (like ATMS) that read and store your debit card information once you swipe them. Hidden cameras often accompany these fake machines to record your personal identification number, giving thieves everything they need to drain your account or to make unauthorized purchases.

To avoid skimming, follow several precautions outlined by the U.S. Department of the Treasury:

  • Walk away from an ATM if you notice someone watching you or if you sense something wrong with the machine. Immediately report your suspicions to the company operating the machine or police.
  • Before using an ATM, examine nearby objects that might conceal a camera and check the card slot for a plastic sheath before inserting your card, as thieves use this to read the magnetic strip.
  • When entering your PIN, stand close to the machine and hold your hand over the keypad or screen to make it more difficult for a person or camera to watch you.
  • Regularly review your account statements and check for unauthorized withdrawals and purchases. If you find one, immediately contact your bank or credit card provider, as this will limit your financial liability for fraudulent charges.

If anyone recognizes the individuals in the surveillance images, they are asked to contact Detective Keith Frost at (978) 983-8698.

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