Open Mike: Haverhill-Inspired Archie Adapts to the Times

Archie, the comic book character first drawn by Haverhillite Bob Montana, has changed with the times in terms of dress, reaction to social issues and now in media.

The character, often surrounded by familiar Haverhill people and places, and his “Riverdale” hometown remain in the printed pages of Archie Comics. However, the updated character will soon be featured on Broadway and in a pilot show for the CW television network.

Nancy Silberkleit, co-CEO or Archie Comics, appeared on WHAV’s Open Mike Show Monday night to discuss the ever-evolving character and his friends Jughead, Betty and Veronica.

Archie Andrews made his first appearance in Pep Comics #22 Dec. 22, 1941, in a story drawn by Montana and written by Vic Bloom. Archie has left the confines of the printed comic book before—having appeared in a radio series beginning in 1943 on NBC’s Blue Network. The show remained on the air for more than 10 years. Archie also appeared on television in The Archie Show, a 1968 cartoon series.