Police Make Third Armed Robbery Arrest in Case Involving Football Star

Haverhill District Court.

Sunday’s arrest of a 19-year-old on a charge of armed robbery is related to last month’s arrest of former Haverhill High School football star Ian Kessel, police confirm.

As a result of a police investigation following the arrests of Kessel, 19, and an unidentified 17-year-old, at 1 Forest Acres Drive, Jan. 26, police obtained an additional arrest warrant. As WHAV reported Tuesday, Dalvin Andino, 19, of 36 Bellevue Ave., Haverhill, was taken into custody at 2:12 p.m., Sunday, and charged with armed robbery in, what police said, was “a drug deal gone bad.”

Kessel, a former running back for the Hillies and an All-MVC performer in 2014, and the juvenile were each arraigned on an armed robbery charge last month in Haverhill District Court.

“The victim in this case made an arrangement to buy marijuana and was told to meet at Forest Acres Drive. “When he went there, he was directed to get into a motor vehicle where a gun was put to his head,” said Captain Robert P. Pistone, police spokesman, last month. “He was robbed of a good sum of money,” Pistone added. At the time, Pistone said, police believe other individuals are involved and are investigating.

Andino was charged at police headquarters, 40 Bailey Boulevard. Meanwhile, as Andino was due to be arraigned Tuesday, Kessel was to also appear in court after Haverhill police took him into custody at 11:36 a.m., Tuesday, on an unspecified warrant, according to a police arrest log.

Kessel transferred to Haverhill High School from St. John’s Prep in his sophomore year. Following high school, Kessel enrolled at the athletic and educational college preparatory school, IMG Academy, Bradenton, Fla.

8 thoughts on “Police Make Third Armed Robbery Arrest in Case Involving Football Star

  1. Can we stop the nonsense of referring to the kid as a “football star” already?
    Who cares that he played football? It obviously didn’t teach him any life lessons.
    He’s just another thug who needs to be sent away for a long time to teach him how the real world works.

  2. Why does Mr.Kessel keep thinking he is above the law , he was ordered to house arrest and couldn’t follow that now he’s in Middleton until this trial starts…. Guess he’s gone about getting his 15 minutes of fame the wrong way. Such a shame

  3. It seems like they are still trying to figure out all the players involved. These types of drug crimes are growing considerably in Haverhill. I don;t know how the Police dept is keeping up with it all with the small amount of cops they have.