New Hunking School Begins Staffing Process

Haverhill School Superintendent James F. Scully.

Haverhill Public Schools Superintendent James F. Scully is giving current school department employees opportunities to become staff members at the new $61.5 million Hunking School when it is scheduled to open early next year.

In a letter dated Thursday, Scully asked interested staff to submit a letter of intent by Friday, Feb. 26.

“This time next year the Hunking School should be open,” Scully said. “Should you have an interest in working at the new Hunking School, please submit a letter of intent indicating your interest and why you would like to work at this new facility.”

The new Hunking building project began last spring and, as WHAV previously reported, installation of plumbing and heating systems as well as masonry work for interior and exterior walls was underway last month. When completed, the new Hunking building will host about 1,000 students in grades K to 8 and replace the deficient existing middle school and relocate Greenleaf Elementary School students and others attending classes elsewhere in the city.

3 thoughts on “New Hunking School Begins Staffing Process

  1. Wait. I thought they had teachers at the Hunking.

    This is Classic Scully. The man’s a master politician. Two things could happen — the cream of the crop could be pulled away leaving schools like Consentino and Whitter even further behind. Or Scully could give the most politically well connected plum assignments and the people on the school committee will owe him and we’ll see a final contract in the stratosphere for the superintendent designed specifically to goose his pension.

    Unfortunately, the local press is too busy trying to play gotcha with the Register of Deeds to spend any time looking at political alliances in this city, the kind of political alliances that kept the former DPW superintendent ripping us off for years because the pols were afraid of him or got favors.

    As for the obsession with the Registry, yup, it’s a no heavy lifting job. Got it. Explain why it’s not suitable to be an elected position, like maybe start with the fact that county government was abolished and it makes no sense to have an elected register when the registries are an agency of the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office.

    • Patti, identifying Scully as a master politician is accurate…it goes with the job. But to question his integrity and intentions when it comes to his pension is way off base. You obviously don’t remember that Scully WAS retired and drawing his pension when the school committee went after him to fill the superintendent position. There are no rules in place to keep him from continuing to draw his pension while at the same time receiving his superintendent salary. But that didn’t happen. Scully “voluntarily” stopped his pension (which if I remember was in the $90K/year range) and is being paid just his superintendent salary. Name one other politician who has ever done this?????? Usually politicians are double dipping in situations like that….drawing two salaries at taxpayer expense. Give the guy some credit that he isn’t doing that….especially since he chose to do that on his own.

  2. “asked interested staff to submit a letter of intent by Friday, Feb. 26.” –

    Much like The MA Probation Department extreme nepotism, and everything else politically in this banana republic of a state, you can be sure that letters will be annotated somehow to reflect who has bribed, I mean donated, to Jimmy, Brian, and probably The Massachusetts Democratic Party.

    An unofficial and very unscientific poll (kids & friends) showed that Mr. Briggs (math) from Hunking should be automatically included the roster that fills the new Hunking.