Haverhill Working to Recover from Snow Storms, Lifts Emergency

(File photograph)

With the lifting of a snow emergency declared in Haverhill during Monday’s snow storm, some school parents and others are complaining on social media of uncleared sidewalks and “slippery and dangerous” side streets.

Mayor James J. Fiorentini Tuesday morning lifted the snow emergency which had been in effect since noon, Monday, according to a statement. However, while school-age children returned to classes Tuesday for the first time Thursday, some residents on social calling upon the city to clear more sidewalks and to sand more side streets.

“Someone needs to get out and sand some of the side roads. Bradford Avenue, Chandler Street and surrounding areas. There are elderly people and children who have to get out and school buss going up and down the road sliding,” wrote Tracey Lawrence on Facebook.

“With the large amount of kids that walk to school in Haverhill, I was shocked to see that the sidewalks were not cleared for these kids,” Amy Nesbitt Raicsics added. “How can you tell me it’s safe for them to walk on Mill and Boardman Streets when they’re already busy roads?

When contacted by telephone late this morning, a Department of Public Works employee told WHAV crews are “still out working” on sidewalks or have sanded the streets in question.

Meanwhile, residents are also reminded by the city normal overnight winter parking rules are in effect. During the month of February, overnight street parking, between 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. is on the even-numbered side of city streets. In March, overnight parking will be on the odd-numbered sides.