Stadium Parking Under Review As WHAV Listener Raises Concern

City Councilor Joseph J. Bevilacqua learned of David P. Safran’s concerns when he appeared on WHAV’s Open Mike Show.

Haverhill city councilors tonight are expected to ask the council’s public safety committee to consider designating handicapped parking spaces at Haverhill Stadium.

City Councilor Joseph J. Bevilacqua placed the matter on the agenda after WHAV Open Mike Show listener David P. Safran related his concerns on the program. Safran, who will be 73 on Valentine’s Day, is a frequent contributor to Open Mike Show and has been dubbed the show’s “public safety officer.”

“I was looking for a handicapped parking space and I couldn’t find one. All of the regular spaces were taken. They have no signs there,” Safran told WHAV after he visited the stadium last summer. “They put all this money into the stadium, but there’s no assistance for disabled residents,” he said. Safran, who has health problems and difficulty walking, mentioned his plight to a firefighter. “The fireman kindly gave up his parking space,” Safran said.

Bevilacqua was alerted to Safran’s concerns when the newly sworn in city councilor appeared on the Open Mike Show early last month. Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini also pledged to support Safran’s request when the mayor appeared on the program last week.

Safran has been a public safety activist for some time. He successfully fought for a public bus stop at the Julian Steele senior housing complex on Washington Street. He said a platform and bench were added and he is now seeking a rooftop there. He also alerts residents to unsafe ice conditions at city ponds and lakes to ensure skaters and others don’t fall through the ice.

3 thoughts on “Stadium Parking Under Review As WHAV Listener Raises Concern

  1. This person is correct. I think there is only one designated spot near the entrance. All the spots against the fence to the right of the entrance should be designated as handicapped.

  2. As usual Joe…working hard picking all that low hanging fruit.
    When are you going to help business owners downtown who are under attack by mayor taxman?

    • You should show up to a City Council meeting and ask him in person, Jack – you seem very concerned. That’s the only way to get the answer you so badly desire.