Acevedo Seeks Vacant School Committee Seat

Angelica “Toni “Acevedo, who describes herself as a “progressive, Latina Democrat,” has added her name for consideration to fill the vacancy on the Haverhill School Committee.

Acevedo said she attended Lawrence public schoo with her two siblings and “has a deep understanding of what is to be a product of the public school system and would be able to connect with the students and parents.”

“I would love the opportunity to serve the City of Haverhill and be a role model for Latino students showing them the power of higher education,” she said.

She is married and resides in Downtown Haverhill. She is involved with the Haverhill Democratic Committee and was appointed by Mayor James J. Fiorentini to the Community Affairs Advisory Board, which makes recommendations on spending about $1 million in federal Community Development Block Grants, in 2014.

“The experience serving as an advisory board member has provided me with the tools and skills to work with the community for the benefit of the citizens in Haverhill,” she said.

She has two master’s degrees—one in clinical social work from Simmons College School of Social Work and an MBA from Northeastern University D’Amore Business School. She is self-employed as a clinical social worker, providing mental health therapy to children and families. She is also real estate broker at Coco, Early & Associates.

The mayor, city council and school committee are expected to name a replacement next Tuesday for the school committee seat held by now-City Councilor Joseph J. Bevilacqua.

11 thoughts on “Acevedo Seeks Vacant School Committee Seat

  1. First of all I would like to wish Toni all the best!

    We need to improve the children lives and their educational Journey. and I feel good qualified teachers and/or instructors, professors etc.. mathematicians, scientists,linguist,(who have the gift to teach) related filed (dealing with education) not social workers, (unless they were in the educational filed before, not business people, not people in relstate, are the best qualified for this position. Most of us are products of public school system. I would hope the reason why a person is running is because they do feel a connection with students and parents.

    We need to get rid of the MCAST!

    We need to revamp the School Systems especially in Haverhill. We don’t need more charters schools entering Haverhill and the surrounding cities. Charters schools take money away from the public school system.

    Also, the other issue is bulling in the school system that issue also needs to be resolved.

    We need qualified candidates who has experience inside a classroom knows first hands what is going on in the classroom who knows the needs of their students. Knows the rules and regulations and how to revamp any rules and regulations.

    A person should be hired for a position not base on race, the sex of the person, ethnicity, religion, nationality etc. it should be based on who is the most qualified for the position.

    Yes, finally Haverhill is starting to move fwd. We need more people of color , especially women yes, I agree but it should be based on who is the most qualified. That is the issue that I am have been facing for years. People are getting appointed, hired etc for jobs that they are not qualified it is who they known.

    • Also, another requirement I feel is must attend Haverhill public school system or teach in the Haverhill public schools system for many years to understand the cultural, environment, etc.. Haverhill school system as whole is very racist, antisemitic etc.. many of schools encourages bulling. I am so glad that Andy Vargas won the election! He will def. improve the lives of children! Go Andy Vargas!

  2. “I would love the opportunity to serve the City of Haverhill and be a role model for Latino students showing them the power of higher education,” she said. –

    Haverhill isn’t Lawrence, it’s comprised of 65% white students, or is part of your “progressive, Latina Democrat” agenda only to focus on non-whites in our school system?

    • Now, now… Latina Lives Matter too…
      Don’t go “acting stupidly” or she’ll pull out the race card and mayor Taxman will have a call a “Margarita Summit”.

      But speaking of race….What exactly is a ‘progressive, Latina Democrat’? Is that someone who believes their city should be under state receivership and declared officially a sanctuary city too…just like Lawrence? It’s not often you see a political candidate come right out and brand themselves based on their ethnicity…essentially declaring in advance what special interest group they represent.

      You know, if she gets appointed to the job that will make two special interest candidates in Haverhill city government… joining the community organizer ACORN Andy. And I thought we had to watch our wallets before….

      • All of the Public Schools should have been under receivership not just Lawrence!
        Lawrence is the best city in the Merrimack Valley! Vive Lawrence! Do you live in Lawrence no? So please don’t make accusations until you know the entire facts! Lawrence is much better school system than Haverhill that’s for sure! If I had children I would never send them to Haverhill School system. Vive Lawrence!

      • Just because someone identifies their ethnic background does not mean they ally themselves with any special interests or against any other group. Toni is running because she is a qualified candidate with the interests of Haverhill’s students in mind- not petty and ignorant race politics. I want to be proud to live in Haverhill and wish it to be a place where a well educated female can represent our students too.

        • So now ‘gender’ is an important criteria to someone’s qualifications? I get it….race and gender vs experience and accomplishments.

          If I didn’t know any better I’d think you are Toni herself. Huffington Post contributor Helen Drinan would be so proud knowing Toni is out pushing the liberal progressive agenda she was taught.

          If this is you Toni let me give you an FYI….you aren’t the first Haverhill politician coming onto a public comment forum to promote themselves under different names……right Nancy1959?
          But be careful Toni…one paid the ultimate price of being outed in the newspaper.

          • This is the last comment I will be leaving since I don’t like petty fights on message boards, especially trying to get through to bigoted minds. Just wanted to clarify this is not Toni, but I do know her and she is an intelligent and accomplished person. Before you talk about experience and accomplishments you should go back and read the article- not sure if anyone else on the school committee has two masters degrees from prestigious colleges? Don’t talk about things you don’t know. I don’t get all of the angst against people’s gender, political slant, or sexual orientation… also sounds like you are being threatening with your talk of “…one paid the ultimate price for being outed.” – which is totally inappropriate and I can’t believe that comment was published. I’m discusted.

        • Earning degrees in and of itself is a worthy ‘personal’ accomplishment. Until someone actually does something with a degree in the real world it essentially means nothing.

          Who has angst? I simply pointed out that “Toni” is the one branding herself based on an agenda that she proudly boosts she was indoctrinated into….especially at ultra liberal Simmons College. If she, and YOU, don’t don’t take well to negative feedback based on her public progressive positions then maybe she shouldn’t wear them on her sleeve.

          You obviously don’t have a clue what I meant by a previous politician “paying the ultimate price” by using multiple names on a public comment forum. It was a member of the school board who was outed by The Eagle Tribune … most likely at the request of the mayor. Look into it to educate yourself.