Haverhill Places Advertisements for Permanent Fire Chief

(Robert King photograph.)

Fire Chief Richard B. Borden died in May, 2015, at age 56.

Fire Chief Richard B. Borden died in May, 2015, at age 56.

The city of Haverhill is formally seeking applicants to become the city’s next fire chief with a proposed salary between $94,017 and $135,000.

In advertising, the city notes the job is “a non-civil service position and will serve as the chief administrative and supervisory director in the operation of the Fire Department, in the protection of life and property and in the prevention and suppression of fires within the community.” The successful candidate will receive a three-year contract.

“Candidate should have the ability to plan, assign, direct and review the work of subordinates and direct large scale operations of personnel and equipment under emergency conditions; provide leadership; instill loyalty and the desire for improved performance in both uniformed and civilian employees; work cooperatively with other town and state officials; maintain good public relations,” the advertisement reads.

Interim Fire Chief John E. Parow.

Interim Fire Chief John E. Parow.

Last June, John E. Parow was named interim fire chief by Mayor James J. Fiorentini following the death of 56-year-old Fire Chief Richard B. Borden during the previous month.

“The acting fire chief will give me an outside, independent assessment of the department and help me choose the best possible new chief to take our city and our fire department forward,” Fiorentini said at the time.

The city is seeking applicants holding (master’s or bachelor’s degree in fire science or fire administration and with “a minimum of 10 years of progressively responsible fire service experience in a supervisory capacity in a comparable sized municipal department. Preference given to candidates who have previously served as fire chief, deputy fire chief or equivalent position.”

4 thoughts on “Haverhill Places Advertisements for Permanent Fire Chief

    • It was posted on the website of Massachusetts Municipal Association. If the city purchased advertising in other media, they forgot about WHAV.net. Please suggest it to the city. Thank you.

    • He did report it. Who cares where it is posted ? The Mayor picks and chooses who he sends stuff too. I am sure it will a “nationwide search” and someone local will be chosen if they haven’t already been told. Hahaha

      • Now that the position is out of Civil Service, I can see Mayor Jim’s line of thinking and questions that he can’t ask, but will be important to him:

        1. Are you a Democrat?
        2. Did you donate campaign funds to any of my “friends”?
        3. Do Black Lives Matter?
        4. Do you believe in climate change, global warming, weather patterns, or anything that fits the narrative?
        5. Do you believe our country should be filled with illegal invaders?
        6. Do you believe in taking the fruits of other peoples labor?
        7. Do you believe in paying your fair share even if I don’t?
        8. Are all firearms bad?
        9. Do you suck at math?
        10. Are you a political hypocrite?
        11. Do you not believe in liberty?

        If the candidates answers yes to all of the above, he/she will be hired.