15-Year-Old Faces ‘Copycat’ Bomb Threat Charges

Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon.

A 15-year old Methuen High School student charged in connection with an alleged “copycat” threat against the school Thursday is due to be arraigned in Lawrence Juvenile Court.

Methuen police have charged the male student from Methuen with communication of a bomb threat, according to a statement Thursday evening from Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon. A “non-specific” threat was found written on a piece of paper in a school bathroom by a staff member Thursday morning,

“School officials quickly determined who was allegedly responsible, questioned the student, and called in police, who arrested him,” Solomon said. The incident happened one day after an e-mail threat sent to a staffer prompted an evacuation and search of the school and student backpacks. No device was found.

Methuen Public Schools Superintendent Judith Scannell told WHAV Thursday the student admitted to writing the note because he “just wanted to get out of school, didn’t want to be in school (Thursday).” She added such behavior would not be tolerated.

“The education of all of our student will be disrupted and we hold that at a very high level to take care of all students. There was no alarm whatsoever going on in the high school. They weren’t evacuated, the children were not in harm’s way at all,” Scannell said. “This was a copycat and they acted very swiftly and got to the bottom of it.”

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