Police Investigate Report of ‘Man in White Van’ Near School

Haverhill police are investigating a reported incident near a school bus stop Friday afternoon involving “a man in white van” and a Hunking Middle School student.

Haverhill Public Schools Administrative Assistant Beverly Woodhouse confirmed to WHAV the incident was “immediately reported to the police” Friday. An e-mail alert was sent to parents by Hunking School Principal Shannon Nolan.

“Friday afternoon, a man in a white van approached a Hunking Student on her way home from the bus stop. The incident was immediately reported to the police. Please remind your children that as they are walking home from the bus stop, or from school, they should be aware of their surroundings and immediately report concerns to an adult,” Nolan wrote.

4 thoughts on “Police Investigate Report of ‘Man in White Van’ Near School

  1. We have also had my two kids come home and report to us that there was a “man in a white/silver van” (Two toned van?) who followed them. My son said there was a hubcap missing on one of the wheels. During their incident there were two guys in the car whom they told me were Hispanic. The van also sat outside of our house and rolled the window down. ( 2 incidents on two separate occasions on the same day)They were both freaked out. The kids told us about their incident when we came home from work which was about two hours after the incidents. Unfortunately, they did not place a call to the police or take any pictures. They were scared. We reported the incident as soon as we heard from the kids about it. We were told the police had not received any other reports of any such “man in a van”. The police just told the kids next time to call the police right way. We believe this guy has been around for a while. One of our kids’ friends had mentioned that there was a “man in a white van” following him over by high street. This was a few months ago. His friend ran very fast. I’m not sure if that incident was reported.