Methuen Closes Timony School After Virus Outbreak

Timony Grammar School, Methuen.

There will be a “complete and thorough cleaning” of the Timony Grammar School building in Methuen over the weekend after a decision to cancel Friday classes there due to “the large number of students and staff out with a stomach virus.”

According to a statement Thursday from Methuen Public Schools Superintendent Judith A. Scannell, school leaders closely watched the attendance in a 24-hour span and it was “clear that a virus is going through the building rapidly.”

“I have consulted with the health department, district lead nurse and the building ddministration. Based upon our discussions to prevent further spread we have decided it would be best to cancel school. There will be a complete and thorough cleaning of the building over the long weekend,” Scannell said.

“This proactive approach would be the most effective in stopping the spread of this stomach virus. It is our hope that everyone in the Timony School Community will have an opportunity to get healthy and return on Tuesday ready for school,” Scannell added.