Bevilacqua Discusses School Decision, Council Committees

Joseph J. Bevilacqua, Haverhill city councilor, explained his reasons for delaying his decision to resign from the school committee during Monday night’s Open Mike Show over WHAV.

He also discussed what he believes to be the role of city council subcommittees, his plans to participate in election of school committee officers and shares his priorities for the year.

One thought on “Bevilacqua Discusses School Decision, Council Committees

  1. Manufacturing is dead.

    Thank Ed “from Maryland” Markey and any other politician (i.e. Marty “term limits” Meehan) for voting for NAFTA.

    There was plenty of infrastructure funding through The Highway Trust Fund but state legislatures squander those funds by way of other malinvestments. It has only been surviving since 2008 from transfers from The General Fund of U.S. Treasury, and other CONgressional moves to keep funding it, which has also resulted in equal CONgressional crony capitalism, debt increases, and deficit spending.

    I am curious how Bevilacqua claims taxation is not an issue? Southwick being the prime example and beneficiary of TIF?

    Pulling demand forward and crony (bought & paid for) politics has consequences. It is usually the poorest that are hit hardest, with the least amount of influence, and will suffer the most.