Police Say Man Pulled Handgun in 495 Road Rage Incident

A 64-year-old Haverhill man is under arrest tonight after allegedly pointing a handgun at a woman following an apparent incident of “road rage” on Interstate 495 this morning.

Dennis Bebar, 64, was arrested at his 2 Perkins Court home after a police investigation, said Captain Robert P. Pistone, police spokesman. The incident began just before 11 a.m., on 495. Bebar is said to have followed the unidentified woman off the highway, down Primrose Street and to her home.

“The next time you (expletive deleted) with someone you better know who you’re (expletive deleted) with,” Bebar was quoted as saying when he allegedly waved the black handgun. Witnesses were able to capture the license plate number and an investigation was undertaken by Patrolman Kevin Lynch.

“It was excellent police work by Officer Lynch,” Pistone said.

Bebar was arrested at 2:45 p.m. and charged with assault with dangerous weapon, threatening to commit a crime and improper storage of firearms. He is expected to be arraigned Tuesday in Haverhill District Court.

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