Sen. Markey to Swear In Fiorentini at Monday’s Inauguration

U.S. Senator Edward J. “Ed” Markey.

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini.

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini.

U.S. Senator Edward J. “Ed” Markey will swear in Mayor James J. Fiorentini during the city’s inaugural exercise Monday.

Markey will participate in the inauguration which begins at 10 a.m., Monday, Jan. 4, in Haverhill City Hall auditorium, 4 Summer St.

“I am honored to be sworn in by our U.S. Senator Ed Markey. I am excited to serve the residents of Haverhill for another term and I know the best is yet to come,” Fiorentini said in a statement issued this morning. “Our city is on the move with all of the new projects in development. Harbor Place is being built quickly and our downtown is changing before our eyes.”

Markey said, “Mayor Jim Fiorentini is Haverhill’s hometown hero, revitalizing the city’s downtown, attracting jobs and businesses to the community and improving the quality of life for all residents. During his time as mayor, Haverhill has experienced a renaissance on the river and there is more economic development to come. He is a passionate, tireless advocate for the city, and I am honored to swear him in for his seventh term as mayor.”

7 thoughts on “Sen. Markey to Swear In Fiorentini at Monday’s Inauguration

  1. What idiots these politicians are. Ed Markey doesn’t even LIVE in Massachusetts, and he sells his constituents down the river every chance he gets. When will Massachusetts voters learn that ALL of these politicians have to be voted out.

    I would think our esteemed Mayor would tell Markey….. “Thanks but no thanks.” It is not going to do Fiorentini any good to be closely associated with MARKEY THE LOOSER. We are due for a local administration change, but WHO will run in his place????????

    • Nobody will run because they are all scared of him and cannot win. He has the votes, elderly especially, as he sucks up to every voter in the city. Politically genius. Real life bozo.

      • Why would anyone else run? The city is insolvent, relying solely on over 30% of state aid that Brian Dempsey takes from other taxpayers in other communities just to pay the bills (and deficit spending lol). The city is too poor to ever zero out the balance sheet, especially in light of rising costs not just for services (i.e. healthcare), but for the ever increasing built-in cost government in general.

        If someone were to run, and fall out of favor or not be in line with Dempsey, he could just withhold grabbing state aid necessary to run the city. This would collapse what services we have now and politically destroy whoever were to be in office. Mayor Jimmy is just like the rest of false Democrats on Beacon Hill, they say a lot of things rhetorically and rely on lack of voters and their ability to critically think.

        If sound mathematical and accounting principles were ever forced here, the city would fold overnight. Instead, it’s more debt for both this state and this city, with a whole lot of finger-crossing. We’ll see taxes raised and services diminished over the years. We’ll see more crony capitalism in this state while this city becomes poorer and social welfare and education be more burdened than they already are.

        Jimmy will stay until he decides not to because anyone that has a brain would not run against the status quo, it’s simply not worth it.

  2. Hometown hero ?? To whom may I ask ? Maybe we can strike up the Hooterville band and start a parade over to Mr. Haney’s ( Fiorentini’s) house in celebration of his newly crowned title. We should give him some key’s to the city:

    A key to the Hale debt fiasco which he knew about all along yet failed to stand up, taking the political way out as many other did too !
    A key to the new Hunking school. He knew back in 2000 how bad the old building was and it took 15 years to do something. Maybe he could have saved a few $million if he did something about it back then. Oops !
    A key to still leaking police station, which needs another $million or so in repairs. Did I say it was still leaking and moldy and only getting worse ? He knew about this for the past 10 years or so. Oops !
    A key to the moldy fire stations, still moldy after alll these years, ohhhh still moldy, still moldy.? ( Paul Simon, sorry)
    A key to the newly renovated High school. Looks great from the outside but inside ? Well….look the other way.
    A key to the new fire truck which won’t fit into any station but one and is too heavy to go over some bridges. ! Oops ! Oh, and it will need to be retro fitted to adapt to new hose specs. Oops again !
    A key to the soon to be upgraded waste treatment plant which will cost $50-$75 million—-surprise your water rates are going up, and up,and up ! Oh, you didn’t know that was coming ?? Oops again !
    A key to the parking kiosks so he can raise the rates and then give away free parking next year to, taking all the credit.
    A key to the Ward Hill industrial park ! Pay no attention to us but take our money !

    I ran out of keys. Maybe I can order more. To be continued…. Happy New Year !

  3. Failurentini a ‘hometown hero’ ?

    If anyone at this point needed proof how out of touch Markey is with the goings on of Massachusetts, seeing that he rarely steps foot in the state, here it is. For these self-proclaimed “proud democrats” they see their utter failings as successes…that’s how clinically insane they are. My property taxes are up 54% since 2006 when mayor Taxman took office, not to mention all the new taxes he’s imposed. I wonder if Markey knows about taxman’s championing the city to get into the healthcare services industry that is costing Haverhill taxpayers $100MIllion ? I doubt much he would care if he did……

  4. Markey said, “Mayor Jim Fiorentini is Haverhill’s hometown hero, revitalizing the city’s downtown, attracting jobs and businesses to the community and improving the quality of life for all residents. –

    *Ed from Maryland Markey, how special.

    Has anyone actually looked at Markey’s voting record of destruction upon The American People? Has Mayor Jim? Talk about false Democrats.

    Arguably the most destructive pro-labor vote in U.S. history was NAFTA, and guess who voted for its passage? You guessed it, Ed from Maryland Markey. MILLIONS of U.S. jobs destroyed and sent outside of our country (and continues today). They call it “globalization”, I prefer slave labor and no tariffs to enrich the few myself. How unions conintue to support the CONgress Member eludes me, but we’re not finished.

    Ed from Maryland also voted for the repeal of Glass-Steagall, which as many know was partially responsible for the crash of 2008. I mean, why reign in risky bank behavior which was why this law was passed to begin with? Jimmy, don’t forget to thank Ed, and maybe Bill Clinton for signing it into law if he comes around with Hillary. A real knee-slapper for Too Big To Fail now.

    Just when you think Ed from Maryland is truly for The People, not to be outdone by his Glass-Stegall vote, Ed decided it was a good idea to “bailout” the banks instead of The People thanks to his earlier vote to deregulate banks. Millions of jobs lost thanks to massive fraud and criminal wrong-doing, and Ed votes to give them money. Brilliant. None of those banks leadership of course ever went to jail or even prosecuted, thanks to weak U.S. and State Attorney Generals and bough & paid for CONgress Members like Ed. Jimmy, how many “zombie foreclosures” are still in Haverhill?

    Of course, the final issue, which nearly every Haverhill worker, public or private, can relate to is the largest nominal tax in U.S. History, which none other than Ed from Maryland voted for: Obamacare. I mean, what could be wrong in some case of over 20% of your income going to healthcare? Not only are your premiums, co-insurance, and deductibles all reaching for the moon, but the care you receive in return may be less! The poorer you are (yet still paying), the worse it is. In a complete betrayal by both Republicans and Democrats, they recently pushed back, not eliminated, further tax increases, conveniently after the 2018 election season.

    In all seriousness, neither Party over the past three (3) decades have done well for The American People at large. Regulators have been “captured” and politicians of both Party’s have been simply bought out by lobby and special interests to sell out The American People further. The People of this country have become poorer while being subjected to the largest transfer of wealth into fewer hands never seen in history, Ed helped make that happen. Jimmy, our Mayor, being the devout Democrat Party loyalist will never admit this, but I hope he stands proud with Ed from Maryland, truly two peas in a pod.

    I hope you all like your cake because that is all that these DECEIVERS are serving.

    *The reason why Ed from Maryland is from Maryland is because his mortgage note says so. Lazy Americans, as well as the lazy press (i.e. The Boston Globe) show pictures of his million dollar home at Rolling Court, Chevey Chase, MD., but no one looked at his refinance note which specifically stated in its terms: “must be primary residence”. Laws. Laws are for the serfs like the rest of us. The rule of law simply no longer matters for a certain class or politicians in this country because The People keep electing the likes of Ed from Maryland, and that’s on both sides of the tyrannic sides of the aisle.

    • Thank you Duncan for all your research on “Fast Eddie” Markey from Maryland. When asked about him in his own neighborhood, people said they never saw him there and most didn’t even know who he was. Imagine ? And this guy is our Senator. Graft pays well huh ?