Haverhill’s Unemployment Rate Drops Slightly to 4.9%

Haverhill’s unemployment rate for November fell slightly while most surrounding communities saw similar changes or held steady compared to October.

Seasonally unadjusted numbers released Tuesday by the state Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD) showed unemployment in Haverhill fell by one percentage point in November to 4.9 percent. There were 19 fewer individuals receiving unemployment assistance and the reported labor force in Haverhill shrank by 13 while only six jobs were added. The jobless rate remained above the statewide rate of 4.5 percent, which was unchanged from October. A similar decrease in Methuen brought the unemployment rate there to 5.1 percent while the jobless rate in Andover was flat at 3.7 percent. Exceptions to the jobless trend were reported in nearby Georgetown and Merrimac. In both communities, unemployment climbed by three percentage points to 3.7 percent and 4 percent respectively.

“Seasonally unadjusted unemployment rates remained the same in 11 labor market areas during the month of November, and went up in 13 other areas of the state,” an EOLWD spokesperson said. “Compared to November, 2014, seasonally unadjusted unemployment rates are down in all labor markets measured by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

EOLWD reported the local area, within the Lawrence-Methuen-Salem statistical area, as well as the Lowell-Billerica-Chelmsford area, were among seven areas which added jobs in November.

LocationLabor Force  Employment  Unemployment  Rate  
Massachusetts3551400355240035879003390200339340034086001611001591001793004.5 %4.5 %5.0 %
Amesbury9641965497079261926192823803934253.9 %4.1 %4.4 %
Andover1740117389175491676116742168406406477093.7 %3.7 %4.0 %
Boxford4281428743204149414441721321431483.1 %3.3 %3.4 %
Georgetown4536452245514370436843731661541783.7 %3.4 %3.9 %
Groveland4074407440903928392539421461491483.6 %3.7 %3.6 %
Haverhill3353133544336773187231866318611659167818164.9 %5.0 %5.4 %
Lawrence3505634954353933190731822319263149313234679.0 %9.0 %9.8 %
Merrimac3805379438193654365236621511421574.0 %3.7 %4.1 %
Methuen2604725995262192471824651247591329134414605.1 %5.2 %5.6 %
Newbury3553355835953410340934371431491584.0 %4.2 %4.4 %
Newburyport9615961197089258924993043573624043.7 %3.8 %4.2 %
North Andover1531415276154621472714684147795875926833.8 %3.9 %4.4 %
Salisbury5132512851814902489849122302302694.5 %4.5 %5.2 %
West Newbury2277227823082198219722277981813.5 %3.6 %3.5 %

3 thoughts on “Haverhill’s Unemployment Rate Drops Slightly to 4.9%

  1. It was reported yesterday that 25% of the current Massachusetts population was NOT born in this country (compared to the year 2000 figures) with the majority of those 25% coming here from the Dominican Republic. Is it any wonder that the State of Massachusetts pays out almost $2BILLION per year in welfare benefits to illegals?

    This answers why the proud liberal democrat fraud of a mayor Failurentini continues to build subsidized housing that generates approximately $3,000.00 per year in taxes, but costs $16,000.00 per child, per household for children who attend Haverhill schools. But that doesn’t matter…he’ll just raise taxes to educate all the criminal trespassers who come here who need to educate their children. An average family with 2 children who attend Haverhill schools is costing taxpayers almost $30,000.00 per year. Over a 12 year period that one family costs $360,000 to educate those two children while at the same time the pay only $36,000.00 in taxes. The new housing complex just approved by mayor Taxman and the city council with 18 new housing units could cost Haverhill taxpayers $540,000.00 PER YEAR to fund the education of potential children living in those homes. That is just under $6.5MILLION dollars of additional tax burden put on Haverhill taxpayers over the 12 years children in those homes could be in the Haverhill school system.

    It’s liberalism being played out at the local level by tax and spend democrats who just don’t care about the quality of life of the taxpayers they represent.

  2. Meanwhile, those not actually in the workforce increased 5.5%. Math is fun, but not really, especially when the population increases along with those more dependent on the government for basic needs.

    Even better is how The Massachusetts Legislature (read Linda Dean Campbell, Brian Dempsey, Kathleen O’Connor-Ives) allow this miscarriage of justice and a violation of their oath they swear to when they take office when they provide social welfare benefits to invaders over that of this country’s/states own Citizenry. Then compounding the problem with their invader children unto our school systems taking resources away meant for Americans. If you live in The Merrimack Valley, including Haverhill and are eating cake, look no further than those who govern over you because you let them do this to you, your family, and your fellow American.


    Not only has Essex County lost over ten thousand jobs in just over a quarter, The People are nearing a fifteen (15) year run of income destruction thanks to Beacon Hill and local government – pay no mind to the 52% state tax increases over same time period. More debt, more spending, and more politicians interfering with not-so-free markets through crony capitalism. I hope the cake area and state pols are serving tastes good because that is all that will be on the menu.