Methuen City Council Considers Police Body Cameras Monday

Photograph courtesy Taser International.

Methuen city councilors consider Monday whether to approve the proposed purchase of body cameras for the Methuen Police Department.

On their agenda, Methuen councilors are asked to vote on a five-year contract with Taser International, Scottsdale, Ariz. It would provide Methuen police with “body cameras and electrical weapons” for $272,701.96 during that period. Meanwhile, Methuen Police Chief Joseph E. Solomon Friday was conducting a poll, through Facebook and Twitter, seeking “yes” or “no” votes from the public. A majority of responses posted support the use of body cameras “for their own protection.” Others say there is “no need for cameras” or “spend the money elsewhere.”

“There is so much negativity towards police these days. I think body cameras will be a good tool in determining if an arrest went right or wrong,” said Maria Palmisano-Waldron on Facebook.

“Don’t waste tax dollars please,” wrote Shawn Anks. “I have trust in Methuen Police, no need for cameras. Remember who the real criminals are and who has been sworn.”

The Methuen City Council meets at 7 p.m., Monday, in the Great Hall at Methuen City Hall, also known as the Searles Building, 41 Pleasant St., Methuen.