Special Thanksgiving Programs Tonight on WHAV

CBS News correspondent John Daly.

WHAV presents two previously unannounced Thanksgiving programs at 8 p.m., tonight.

In place of the “David Pakman Show,” WHAV presents “Cavalcade of America” from 1940, and “You Are There” from 1947. Pakman has the night off.

“You Are There” was a presentation of CBS News and presents historical subjects as if CBS News correspondents were reporting live on the scene. “The Sailing of the Mayflower” features John Daly reporting on issues delaying the launch of the Mayflower Sept. 6, 1620.

“Cavalcade of America” presents “Tisquantum, Strange Friend of The Pilgrims” with Sam Jaffe, John McIntyre, Bill Adams, Bill Johnstone and others at 8:30. Homer Fickett produced the dramatic program with music by Donald Voorhees. It tells the story of Tisquantum, who aided the Pilgrims during their first years in the New World.

At 10 p.m., WHAV airs the classic “Our Miss Brooks” Thanksgiving episode.