Open Mike Show Nov. 9, 2015

Haverhill City Councilor-Elect Andy Vargas discusses his goals and answers questions.

One thought on “Open Mike Show Nov. 9, 2015

  1. Andy, I’d like to know what “exactly” the person you met with said on this forum that you found to be ‘disparaging’?
    Is it the fact that he listed your liberal background and training? Is it that he commented how you sowed your oats as a democrat working for Brian Dempsey? Facts are disparaging, are they?

    You mentioned also there have been other comments online here you found to be disparaging….what were they? If you’re so concerned about people making comments about your political ideology or experience why didn’t you address that on this show when you had the chance??? Is that how it’s going to be…that anytime someone comments about your position on issues, or lack there of, that you’re going to feel offended? That’s absolutely childish….

    I’m offended too. I’m offended because you were asked question after question by Tim Coco and you literally didn’t answer one of them. Not one. You said you’d ‘have to research that’ to every single question. Just goes to show the person you met with was absolutely right about the comments he made about you.

    Since you obviously read the comments on here Andy why don’t you use this forum to respond to people?