Haverhill Chamber Plans Holiday Wreath Stroll Dec. 9

The Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce is having its annual Christmas Stroll in downtown Haverhill early next month with a format supporting local charities.

What is being called the “2015 Holiday Wreath Stroll” takes place between 5 and 8 p.m., Dec. 9, at Barking Dog Ale House, 77 Washington St., fourth floor.

“Holiday wreaths will be created by local businesses and community members to showcase their industry and/or their talents. All donated wreaths will be hung inside the Barking Dog Ale House on the night of the event for viewing and silent auction bidding. Decorated wreaths are beautiful and embellished with gift cards, scratch tickets and gift items, making them the perfect choice for holiday gift giving. They also make great hostess gifts in this busy holiday party season!” the chamber said in a statement.

Sponsored by Haverhill Bank, there will be an assortment of finger foods and desserts, a Champagne toast and auction of the wreaths on display. Proceeds will support holiday meals and toys and clothing to support the local organizations providing direct services to families in need throughout the Greater Haverhill area. Recipients include Community Action Inc., Common Grounds Ministries, Emmaus, Ruth’s House, Veteran’s Northeast Outreach Center and Sacred Heart Food Pantry.

Wreath donations will be accepted through Dec. 4, and can be delivered to the chamber, 80 Merrimack St., or Barking Dog Ale House, 77 Washington St. All businesses making a wreath donation will be acknowledged in chamber publicity prior to the event, and highlighted the evening of the stroll.

Tickets to attend are $20 each and may be purchased at www.haverhillchamber.com, by calling (978) 373-5663 or emailing [email protected].

12 thoughts on “Haverhill Chamber Plans Holiday Wreath Stroll Dec. 9

  1. What happened to the annual CHRISTMAS stroll? Is this the new “PC” version so people don’t get their little feelings hurt by the word CHRISTMAS?

    • can you right wing pigs just ever shut up? Do you just live in seething anger at imaginary slights? For the love…shut up. Just once. Shut up.

      • Spoken like a true liberal – attack, call names. No substance at all.

        I believe I was mistaken as to this event – seems the Christmas stroll is still on – which is good, and I hope it lasts for a good long time as well.

        And by the way – I will never “shut up” – so learn to live with it.

      • Downtown Resident,

        It appears that the WHAV comment system is now being infested by the same gang of posters who ruined the Eagle Tribune’s comment system. With any luck Tim Coco will put an end to some of the foolishness before his site’s comment system is taken over by lunatics.

        • Big Freddy

          What’s wrong? Because you don’t like someones’s opinion you advocate for limiting speech of those with differing ones?

          That’s speaks volumes the the leftist ideology of only having a single thought promoted, followed, and enforced.

          • When someone posts opinion and claims it as fact, does so repeatedly and instantly lets their political leanings color any and all postings (such as your statement of “leftist ideology”) then yes, that’s bothersome.It’s at best poor communicative technique and at worst a sign of someone spouting the same gibberish over and over (see: any of your postings over at the old Eagle Tribune commenting system or another frequent poster who laces each and every comment with predictions of economic gloom and doom).

            It’s tiresome, it’s anti-social, and (in my opinion) it strikes me as a few people obsessively posting the same drivel over and over in an attempt to drown out other peoples’ points of view.

            It’s folks like yourself who promote single thoughts, enforced and promoted…and who are, in my opinion, the REAL threat to free speech.

            Please take your act elsewhere, the rest of us are tired of it.

          • I asked a question and made a statement – (which is MY opinion, similar to YOU posting yours). Nothing was noted as fact – you’re making that up.

            Regarding leftist ideology – everyone knows what it entails as it is on display from the federal, state, and local level – and is a failure economically. If you find it ‘bothersome” – to be honest – too bad. You have to live in a world (as do I) with things you enjoy – and things you find “bothersome”. However – the individual still retains the right to comment on both aspects – that’s what makes what’s left of America still great. That is, up to the point that speech is requested to be limited – or told to ‘shut up’ as in a previous post.

            I’m not sure what high degree you retain that allows you to analyze what “poor communication” is – and then follow through with comments and labels that prove that your analysis couldn’t be more far off based on your own response.

            Regarding the Eagle Tribune – they still have a comment section. I prefer not to use it, perhaps YOU are the one that should go there, since you’re are still obsessing over a change in technology there that happened well over a year ago.

            I promote my own opinion, based on reading, educating myself on FACTS (not what my elected officials TELL me are fact.) I will continue to do so, and make my comments here as long as the forum exists. If you don’t like that I am here and posting my comments, well, quite frankly, you’re probably not going to be happy for a long time.

            Also – I’m not sure who the “rest of us” are you refer to – but I’m guessing it isn’t many, so calm yourself of that sense of self importance and enjoy the open forum. All should be – and are welcome.

            What Duncan and Jack typically write here is factual (backed by numbers), on point, and takes the point of Haverhill citizens who are tired of more of the same corrupt government, borrowing, and deficit spending that many like yourself choose to cover your eyes to and avoid – which is more dangerous than you seem to comprehend.

            Enjoy your day.

          • Thank you for amply proving my point.

            One of the reasons the Eagle Tribune restructured their comment system was due to the fact that their web traffic had started to fall off dramatically, and that drop in traffic coincided with their comments section being flooded by and essentially monopolized by right-leaning posters who essentially vomited all over the comments section (racist comments about the President, comments assuming that every Latino is an illegal, unfounded accusations about local politicians, comments shrieking that any and all taxes are theft, any Democrat who was elected must have committed election fraud, and yadda yadda yadda). Anyone attempted to post an alternative point of view or who disagreed was shouted down as a liberal, or being in the pocket of the President, or mocked as a welfare-check Section 8 collecting charity case.

            Even more interesting was the demographics: in a state with a huge Democratic majority the vast majority of the comments were coming from people who were clearly right-leaning Tea Party republicans, which was very curious. Perhaps it was a Tea Party/Republican uprising, I thought, and then watched the Democrats win more elections (which disproved that idea!).

            Even more curious was the fact that the barrage of comments took place 24×7. The same individuals (who, of course, claimed to be working and raising families (“fighting the tide of liberalism and Democrats who want to destroy jobs and families” was a quote from one of them) somehow had the time and energy to post 24 hours a day.

            The new publisher realized what was happening and put a stop to it (I had sent her the data I had collected as well as both the statistical analysis of the data and a computer-generated writing style analysis that seemed to indicate most if not all of the outlandish behavior was due to between 5-8 people using a variety of different names), but it was too late: what could have been a nice community service had been overrun and destroyed by people abusing their First Amendment rights (which, by the way, are not unfettered).

            [I’d like to note, by the way, that the new publisher did not immediately act; I had to tell her that I was sending my data to Gawker for them to publish it before any action was taken.]

            So, long story short: I can see the same thing starting to happen here.

            Right now WHAV’s largest asset is this website and the brand. WHAV is a wonderful community asset and a nice alternative to the existing local news media. I believe that Tim Coco and his staff value not only the history of WHAV but the brand as well. I would hate to see an unregulated, out of control comments system sully any of this.

            With any luck, WHAV and Tim Coco will put a stop to this issue before it kicks into high gear.

          • “in a state with a huge Democratic majority” –

            That statement is false. The majority of voters in Massachusetts are “Unenrolled”(Independent) at roughly 54%, with registered Democrats at roughly 35%, and registered Republicans at a negligible 11%.


            Let’s also be clear that Massachusetts engages in gerrymandering, just like every other state in the country. Only in our case, we have a disbarred felon ex-State Speaker (Finneran) who plead guilty to perjury for doing exactly that. The 2012 gerrymander was due to people fleeing that state according to The 2010 U.S. Census, which continues to report 20K per year are still fleeing this state.

            “due to between 5-8 people using a variety of different names” –

            That was nothing new, certain posters had the same exact writing styles, you didn’t need a computer generated algorithm to figure that out. What The Editorial staff at E-T told me at the time was they were getting too many complaints of certain posters being anonymous, some by local pols, hence the change to disclosure. The Alexa data showed that after the change to require real names, that is when traffic plummeted, once again, not hard to figure out why. As Chairman stated, people can still post there, but once again, according to Alexa, no one is really reading or visiting E-T online much these days anyways.


            “WHAV and Tim Coco will put a stop to this issue” –

            There is no issue, except in your own mind. Tim Coco and The Valley Patriots Tom Duggan are the last bastions of true free speech in this authoritative and corrupted rule of law state, let alone our own federal government. Just because you don’t agree with what I/we post, you take the typical authoritarian, anti-liberty road of trying to silence The People. Well, I’m here to tell you, I really don’t care who you are, but The People, including myself, will not be silenced. I will also continue to repudiate politicians, whether Democrat or Republican for doing me, my family, and this country harm. If you don’t like it, too bad.

        • Big Freddy,

          How did that gang of posters ruin the E.T.’S system? Is someone forcing you to read anyones comments? Are you not intelligent enough to ignore the ones you dislike? How did they ruin a system that is still active yet no one continues to post on? Please answer any of these questions.

          I for one was a huge instigator to the likes of COB, Jack, and Duncan. Somehow they were able to comment or ignore my postings as they chose. Not really difficult if you think of it. Not sure why you can not do the same but that is only my opinion.

          One thing I see clear. Duncan and Jack are just offering their opinions while you are advocating for them to be shut down. I guess you are another one who thinks they should tell someone how to run something that is not yours? How very tolerant of you.