Bevilacqua Hints He May Serve Both City and School Bodies

Haverhill School Committeeman Joseph J. Bevilacqua.


Haverhill School Committeeman Shaun P. Toohey.

Longtime Haverhill School Committeeman Joseph J. Bevilacqua, who will also become a city councilor in January, says he has been asked by certain constituents to serve on both boards. For now, he isn’t saying what he has decided.

Bevilacqua told WHAV, while he is permitted to serve on both panels, people have asked him to remain on the school committee since he indicated he would consider stepping down when he is sworn in as a councilor. He said he would “take into consideration” people who told him they didn’t vote for him Tuesday because they want him to stay on the school committee.

“People have asked me and called me to reconsider that decision. I pretty much know what I am going to do in January, but at this point in time it’s just something that, for some reason, is generating an awful lot of interest in. But I have in my mind my decision made and I’ll voice that in January,” Bevilacqua said.

Should Bevilacqua leave the school committee, there are several schools of thought about how to replace him. Tradition suggests Shaun P. Toohey, who did not win re-election Tuesday, would be selected to complete the unexpired term. Toohey placed fourth Tuesday. However, outgoing Committeewoman Susan Danehy, who did not run for another four-year term, said she would be interested in a two-year appointment to see the completion of the Hunking School project “to the end.” She is the current committee representative and voting member on the Hunking School Building Committee.

“In terms of fairness, for this particular cycle, it was just a matter of looking at it for four years down the road and I just didn’t feel like I could devote the kind of time I wanted to, four years, but certainly two years was doable,” Danehy said.

City Solicitor William D. Cox Jr. said previously Bevilacqua may continue to serve on the school committee but is prohibited from collecting both salaries under state law.

2 thoughts on “Bevilacqua Hints He May Serve Both City and School Bodies

  1. Don’t do it, Joe! It’s unfair for you to have wasted all the time & remarkable energy that candidates and their supporters invested in running for a position IF it turns out that position wasn’t really open. Private sector pulls this crap all the time, and of course it’s legal. But it’s heartbreaking to be cannon fodder.

  2. Don’t do it, Joe! Serving on both boards is unfair to voters and robs us of the representation we need and should have. You ran for City Council and were elected —- so move on! Surely there is more than enough to accomplish with respect to your new position on the City Council… You are not expected to be a “One Man Show,” nor do voters want a one man show.