City Swears In Deputy Chief Haugh; Mayor Makes Other Police Promotions

Haverhill Deputy Police Chief Anthony Haugh.

Haverhill Deputy Police Chief Anthony Haugh is sworn in by City Clerk Linda L. Koutoulas as Mayor James J. Fiorentini and Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro look on.

Several additional Haverhill police promotions came Friday with the elevation of Acting Captain Anthony Haugh as the city’s new deputy police chief.

During Haugh’s swearing in ceremony in Theodore A. Pelosi Jr. City Council Chambers at Haverhill City Hall, officer Andrea Fogarty was also promoted to sergeant, to serve as a supervisor on the midnight shift. Brian Proulx and Doreen Champagne were each elevated to lieutenant. Champagne became the department’s first female lieutenant while Proulx, most recently assigned to Haverhill District Court, became a patrol commander. Acting Detective Captain Robert Pistone was formally appointed to that position, leading the detective bureau, according to Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro. Haugh and Pistone were lieutenants on the force before their temporary captain appointments were announced last March. In his remarks, Haugh thanked family and friends for ‘their patience and understanding over the years ” and fellow officers for “giving up a piece of your heart” in serving.

“I missed birthdays. I missed thanksgivings, holidays, Christmases like everyone else that’s taken this job. And if it wasn’t for their support I wouldn’t be here,” Haugh said. “The other people I’d like to thank is everyone who puts this uniform on everyday. There’s nowhere on any contract or job description that you realize you had to give up a piece of your heart to do what you do everyday. It doesn’t say that anywhere but as soon as you pin the badge on you had to do that. Haverhill really showed its greatness as a police department where the rubber meets the road. That’s where everyone’s doing the work on the ground level and I want to thank you for all that.”

Haugh also told Mayor James J. Fiorentini there’s “a lot of hard work to do ahead” and also thanked DeNaro for “an opportunity to showcase our leadership.”

“He sets the bar very high with his command staff. With that, it makes us better leaders. It gives us an opportunity to showcase our leadership, opportunities for education and the challenge he gives us. He definitely wants to promote leadership and I thank him for that opportunity, for making me the officer I am today,” Haugh said.

In turn, DeNaro said Haugh will “have a full plate” and spearhead the department’s fight against opioid addiction. He also said he is looking forward to what each promotion brings to the table for the department and the community.

“Again, continue to challenge us to do better and let us know when we’re not meeting those expectations. Because that’s the only way we really have an honest gauge as to how we are doing. A lot of times you look in the mirror and you don’t see what’s really going on. We do rely quite a bit on feedback that we do get from the community, good or bad. So, again, I’d like to challenge you to challenge us,” DeNaro said.

Pistone and Captain Kim J. Parolisi were also candidates to succeed retired Deputy Chief Donald Thompson in that position. Earlier this year the deputy chief post was removed from civil service protections by home rule petition through the city council and legislature on Beacon Hill.

3 thoughts on “City Swears In Deputy Chief Haugh; Mayor Makes Other Police Promotions

  1. Jack, your starting to reveal your identity, you must vote at the high school. Keep yapping Jackie boy and you won’t be able to hide under your fake name…

  2. How ironic?
    The day it is reported that a new Deputy Chief has been sworn in coincides with a city wide election. And what’s the first observation I see in entering my polling place? There are now TWO police officers sitting around doing nothing, instead of the traditional one officer. Guess that just about tells it all what HPD business looks like going forward.

  3. Chief Haugh: Congratulations on the appointment!!

    Are you talking about leadership and loyalty to those working on the force, or Haverhill taxpayers?
    Because if you’re talking about taxpayers then show some real leadership that those before you have chosen not to do. Go after the pension of officer John Rogers who was found to be “literally sleeping on the job” every night, yet when found out was able to retire with a full pension. That would send a strong message to the rank and file you’re not going to tolerate that kind of behavior and confirm to taxpayers you’re the right guy for the job. To do nothing just confirms you’re a political appointee and its statue quo as usual.