Vargas Says City Could Do More to Improve Voter Turnout

City Councilor Andy Vargas.

Andy Vargas during the recent Candidates Forum, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Greater Haverhill.

City Council candidate Andy Vargas says city councilors need to play a role in improving the city’s less than 20 percent average voter turnout for municipal elections.

Worse, Vargas says, 95.7 percent of eligible 18- to 29-year-old voters stay away from the polls.

“Whereas most councilors’ Facebook and social media pages go inactive until election season, Vargas will continue to inform and engage the public on all mediums, not matter the season,” a press release distributed by his campaign reported this morning. “Further, the City of Haverhill has not yet put out the foldable signs reminding residents to vote tomorrow. Neighboring cities do so weeks in advance of the election.”

Vargas also said the average age of city councilors is 60 years old, and encourages “everyone to be involved in local government and civic engagement, no matter the age, ethnicity, or background.”

Vargas’ campaign is offering voters rides to the polls. Residents should call (978) 228-1233 to schedule a ride.

7 thoughts on “Vargas Says City Could Do More to Improve Voter Turnout

  1. Never fail to be repelled by the nasty comments offered in multiples by Duncan and the Jacks. I am so tired of seeing their bile spewed here daily.

      • Nah; yourself an the two Jacks monopolize the comments here by repeating the same things over and over again (predictions of economic disaster or slanderous statements against the mayor and any and all elected officials).

        It’s the tragedy of the commons as applied to the WHAV comment system.

        I would say that rather than telling people “don’t read it” that perhaps yourself and your cronies the Jacks need to find a new hobby or a new venue for your antisocial commenting behavior.

  2. It’s funny that he was not endorsed by the Spanish PR-PAC group as they only endorsed one candidate in Haverhill, Fred Simmons. Maybe he is far too left for even them ? Has anyone asked him if he supports sanctuary city status ?

  3. Andy, I’ve got to congratulate you!! You learned well at the hands of the liberal moonbats you trained under on how to run a liberal campaign!!! Just look at what you’ve been able to achieve!!! Here you’re getting your face and name in an article that has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of life of Haverhill citizens before or after the election. Yet, it gives the uneducated and uninformed person reading it the impression that somehow you are actually proposing something constructive and of value for them. And Andy, you’ve actually had this article appear twice during the past month…wow!

    You’ve talked about bringing businesses to downtown without even mentioning the parking taxes, parking police, proposed increase in parking taxes mayor Failurentini is promoting, the new downtown business group fighting city policies affecting their businesses, the taking of private property via eminent domain by the city, or the Nazi style retribution the mayor imposes on business owners who dare speak out against him. If would be impressive if it wasn’t so offensive that the city has to deal with yet another sleazy liberal democrat. Good news for you Andy is that we live in a time when only a small percentage of voters pay attention to what is going on, so your chances are good you’ll be elected

    Just think Andy, promoting your neighborhood community organizer agenda got you a lot of press. Too bad it won’t lead to anything constructive like reducing taxes or fees on city services. As a liberal democrat Andy, those are the blatant dirty little lies that need to be told in order to get your career off the ground….make promises that lead to nothing or have absolutely no chance in hell of ever being implemented. But again, you’ve learned well. Why address ‘real’ issues with your neighbors and friends when smoke and mirrors works just as well for you personally? And it’s not like they’re aware of what is going on anyway. If it worked for Obama it can work for you!!! Promote liberal rhetoric until someone calls you out on it, and when they do just make more promises….isn’t that the agenda the tax and spend liberals taught you ???

  4. “Worse, Vargas says, 95.7 percent of eligible 18- to 29-year-old voters stay away from the polls.” –

    The irony about this statistic is that age demographic is the most screwed!

    They have let their parents and grandparents ensure their future fate is that of economic serfdom. Hope those young people like cake, because that’s all that will be served. Of course Vargas doesn’t mention he’s an understudy of Brian Dempsey, one of the reasons young people are so screwed in this state. Crony and corrupt politics does in fact have consequences, it’s too bad the youth don’t care, they could turn the tide.