Sullivan, Vargas Top City Council in Democratic Straw Poll

Attorney General Maura Healey addresses attendees at Saturday’s Haverhill Democratic City Committee breakfast. (Photograph courtesy of Haverhill Democratic City Committee.)

If Haverhill’s municipal election were held today, Councilor Thomas J. Sullivan and newcomer Andy Vargas would be the top vote getters—at least according to a straw poll of attendees at Saturday’s Haverhill Democratic City Committee Breakfast.

More than anything else, the poll reflects the popularity of certain candidates among certain Democrats and how many friends they brought with them to the breakfast. Organizers described the poll as a fun capstone to the event and not scientific.

After Sullivan and Vargas came Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien, tie votes for Joseph J. Bevilacqua and John A. Michitson, Melinda E. Barrett, and another tie between Fred A. Simmons and Kenneth E. Quimby. For the ninth and final seat, David E. Hall, Michael J. Hart and William J. Macek shared a three-way tie.

School Committee candidate Gail M. Sullivan overwhelmingly topped the balloting for that race, followed by Sven A. Amirian and Scott W. Wood Jr.

Among Democratic candidates for president, Hillary Clinton came out on top with 31 votes, followed by Bernie Sanders with 20. Martin O’Malley and Vice President Joe Biden each received two votes. Haverhill’s own Graham Schwass received one vote.

Breakfast attendees also heard from various candidates for municipal office and a keynote address by state Attorney General Maura Healey. She was one of four to receive Distinguished Democrat awards. Local recipients were Dan Speers, Carol Crowell and Steve Gordon.

The Haverhill Democratic City Committee breakfast will be broadcast by WHAV in its entirety, beginning at 8:30 p.m., tonight, following the Open Mike Show.

4 thoughts on “Sullivan, Vargas Top City Council in Democratic Straw Poll

  1. Look at you Andy!!! Wow, you’re barely out of the womb in the circles of Massachusetts brain dead liberal Democrats and they’re all throwing their love your way already. But that’s how it is with all newborns, isn’t it? They’re smiling and pinching your cheeks and saying how cute you are…..oh, it’s so exciting!!! And to think Andy, all this attention and you haven’t even come out with one specific platform agenda other than to promote Obama like community organizing. Hey, look how far it got him with uninformed voters….you can do it too, right? Why bother developing a plan to cut taxes or combat the all out assault mayor Taxman has on downtown businesses when you can preach about having liberal neighborhood kumbaya parties that solve nothing? You keep this up Andy and the lifelong Hillie Hacks might even invite you to Mark’s Diner to eat at the big boys table. Be warned though Andy, with the sleaze that is goes on there it’s guaranteed you’ll need a good hosing down afterward.

  2. Democrats must be proud, another Massachusetts Attorney General that does not believe in the rule of law.

    I also love the straw poll results. When Killary Clinton walks into The Oval Office in 2017, if you’re poor, elderly, or a minority (especially blacks), if you think you have it bad now, wait until this vile human being walks into office. It’s too bad Republicans are as much of a mess as Democrats in order to get a candidate to beat her. If there was ever an era when an independent, non-partisan candidate was needed, it is now.

    Oh well, the staus quo of both Party’s being absolutely terrible and corrupt, the selling out and destruction of The American People will continue unabated for the benefit of the very few.