Council to Consider Fiorentini Request for Teamsters’ Pay Increases

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini.

The Haverhill City Council will be asked Tuesday to approve a new round of three percent salary increases over two years for union members in the inspectional and nursing services departments, retroactive to July, 2014.

On the council agenda, Mayor James J. Fiorentini is requesting an amendment to a salary ordinance and memorandum of understanding between the city and members of the Teamsters approved by the council in April, 2014. That ordinance provided similar 1.5 percent annual step increases in the two prior fiscal years between July, 2012 and June, 2014. If approved, listed annual salaries in the current fiscal year for local building inspector, for example, would range from $48,103.99 for “step 1” to a maximum of $56,207.18 for “step 5.” Other positions, listed as weekly salaries, include a 14-step salary range for the positions of community health coordinator and nurse leader which vary between $882.55 to $1,369.05 per week. The single-step salary of a rehabilitation specialist would be set at $840.32 per week.

Under the current collective bargaining agreement, inspectional and nursing services workers also receive an annual $500 professional development allowance and personal vehicle use allowances of $200 per month plus 44 cents per mile when a city vehicle is not provided.

Councilors Melinda Barrett, Colin F. LePage and President John A. Michitson are also requesting a status update on septic odor mitigation at the city’s wastewater treatment plant. The request comes one year after repairs to the facility’s storage basins brought complaints from Bradford and Riverside residents of a “stench” when the repair process involved draining of the basins or tanks.

2 thoughts on “Council to Consider Fiorentini Request for Teamsters’ Pay Increases

  1. It is a slippery slope we have climbed onto. Just WHERE is all this money going to come from? Our politicians kiss the ground that Brian Dempsey walks on, and now ANOTHER increase….. And a retro salary increase????????? The private sector is lucky to have a salary increase at all, never mind a retro-active increase.

    Great Country, America…… EXCEPT when you run out of OPM (other people’s money)!

  2. The proud tax and spend liberal Democrat paying back the hacks that vote for him.

    From the straw poll of candidates mentioned in another article here on WHAV it looks like the majority of incumbents are in trouble of getting reelected. Can even ONE of you ask mayor Taxman where the money is suppose to come from for these raises? At least pretend that you care about the financial burden this incompetent liberal is saddling city residents.