Downtown Revitalization Impresses Incoming Haverhill Treasurer

Haverhill Treasurer and Tax Collector Alicia T McOsker.

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini during a recent Open Mike Show.

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini during a recent Open Mike Show.

Incoming Haverhill Treasurer and Collector Alicia T. McOsker looking to bring her past experiences, including that as treasurer in the city of Chelsea during its state-imposed receivership period, to the local financial post.

McOsker, who was appointed by Mayor James J. Fiorentini to succeed retired city Treasurer Mary Beth Roy, begins the job at Haverhill City Hall Monday. The Chelsea native, who once resided in the Bradford section in the 1980’s, told WHAV her work for that city was her first municipal job coming from the private sector.

“And I was very fortunate to be offered that position where I didn’t have municipal experience. But that job, I loved that job,” McOsker said. “I’m from the city of Chelsea and to be able to go in with my cash management skills and help bring them out of receivership, it was very rewarding.”

McOsker said she was impressed with the city’s downtown revitalization efforts with former mill buildings converted to apartments and is currently living in that area temporarily while she seeks to “buy a house.”

“Prior to my interviews in Haverhill, I did a lot of research on the city and I think that the mayor is doing a tremendous job to revitalize the city. And I’m proud to be living there,” McOsker said.

McOsker, who is leaving a similar, $80,000 per year position with the 17,600-resident town of Sharon in Norfolk County after one year, indicated the move would also bring her closer to family and friends.

“I’m from the North Shore and my family and friends all live north of the Tobin Bridge. And when this opportunity presented itself I applied for the position. It’s a city, working for a town is a little bit different and I like working for a city better,” McOsker said.

She also previously served as treasurer/collector in Braintree from 2010 to 2012, according to her profile on LinkedIn; and was paid $101,000 as a financial analyst in Las Vegas, Nev., during 2009 and 2010, according to Transparent Nevada.

As Haverhill’s treasurer, McOsker will be responsible for all of the city’s bank accounts and, as collector, she is responsible for the collection of taxes. McOsker brings more than 30 years of financial management to the position, according to a statement released Thursday morning. The treasurer and tax collector reports to Haverhill Director of Finance Charles Benevento.

One thought on “Downtown Revitalization Impresses Incoming Haverhill Treasurer

  1. Oh, mayor Taxman is revitalizing Haverhill alright. Just checkout all the empty storefronts downtown and the empty buildings in city business parks. He’s revitalizing so well that city schools are literally falling apart under his management to the point where they can’t be occupied and taxpayers get stuck paying 10’s of millions of dollars to fix them. If you need more proof of how well he’s doing Alicia go over to Kenosa Lake where he clear cut a forest for few thousand dollars to fund all of his failures. That $100Million taxpayers are stuck with paying because mayor Taxman thought it was a good idea for the city to revitalize a private sector business really does wonders for citizens tax bill every year.

    Alicia, as a hand picked puppet for this tax and spend failure of a mayor it’s going to fun watching you try to gloss over your boss’s incompetency.