New Drug-Related Arrests Adds to City, State and Federal Operation

Cache of weapons seized during earlier arrests.

Alan_R_DeNaro-230Wednesday’s drug-related arrests brings to 27 the total number of detentions under the current operation by Haverhill police, state police and federal authorities from Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

The arrests of 18 Haverhill residents and a Lawrence man on drug dealing charges comes after the recent arrests of eight others, including a Hampstead, N.H. man, on firearms trafficking and distribution of illegal narcotics. A total of 15 firearms were seized including sawed off shot guns, assault rifles, and handguns, as well as a large quantity of illegal narcotics ranging from heroin, Oxycodone pills, marijuana, and cocaine, according to police.

“As a result of a joint investigation involving municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies 27 dangerous individuals were apprehended. Many of those targeted in this campaign are extremely dangerous individuals who posed a significant threat to the safety of our citizens,” said Haverhill Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro. “We feel confident that the city and the region is a lot safer with these individuals off the streets.”

Detective Captain Robert P. Pistone.

Detective Captain Robert P. Pistone.

Haverhill Police Detective Captain Robert P. Pistone, police spokesperson, added, “This case remains open, other individuals have been charged, and are being actively sought at this time,” Pistone said this morning. “The Haverhill Police Department is grateful to the ATF for recognizing the need to disrupt violent gun activity in the city, and committing significant resources that lead to the dozens of illegal firearm and narcotics arrests.”

The ATF, DEA and Massachusetts State Police have assisted Haverhill detectives with the investigations.

“ATF is committed to working with our law enforcement partners to combat violent crime and to keep guns out of the hands of violent offenders, which remains our top priority,” said ATF Special Agent in Charge, Daniel J. Kumor.

Those arrested prior to Wednesday’s drug sweep include:

  • James Richard Close, 33, Hampstead NH, trafficking heroin, trafficking firearms.
  • Joshua Lavalley, 23, Haverhill, trafficking firearms.
  • Maria Metz, 30, Haverhill, trafficking cocaine, possession of sawed off shotgun, firearms trafficking.
  • Davian Coote, 22, Haverhill, possession of firearm without license, conspiracy to violate drug laws.
  • Joshua Perez, 23, Haverhill, possession firearm without license.
  • William Ramirez, 21, Haverhill, possession firearm without license, possession firearm with defaced serial number.
  • Taylor Matkivich, 22, Haverhill, distribution of class B drug, subsequent offense.
  • Michael Rivera, 21, Haverhill, distribution of heroin.

3 thoughts on “New Drug-Related Arrests Adds to City, State and Federal Operation

  1. “As a result of a joint investigation …”
    Was that meant to be funny?

    What’s not funny is the out of control Liberalism in Massachusetts. While police are chasing drug dealers and taxpayers are going broke paying the taxes to fund multiple law enforcement agencies, citizens have been setting up tables in front of city supermarkets to get signatures for a ballot referendum to legalize pot. I went by a Market Basket the other day and couldn’t believe how many people were signing the petition.

    Yea, let’s legalize it….that will make the problems associated with it go away.

    • Now, now Jack, you’re not turning into one of those authoritarians are you?

      Jimmy didn’t get his $500K bribe money, so the store will open up next town over most likely. Also remember, The People overwhelmingly supported* it by way of ballot measure.

      I wonder if the guns are going to be destroyed, or the good one’s will be auctioned off?

      *I’d support full legalization of all drugs due to the ridiculously expensive and failed “war on drugs”, let liberty reign.

      • You’re right, Jimmy Taxman didn’t get his $500K kiss, but it wasn’t from the lack of effort. He worked very hard with the hack of all hacks Jim Jajuga to defraud and deceive the city council into accepting his little plan which in the real world would have gotten him disbarred. Lucky for him he’s a loyal Redistributionist Party Supporter here in Massachusetts where a con like the one he tried to pull off is considered a worthy accomplishment.