Council Considers Restoring ‘Right on Red’ at Bradford Intersection

Haverhill City Councilor Melinda E. Barrett.

A Haverhill City Council committee will look toward possible restoration of “right on red” traffic flow as some Laurel Avenue area neighbors seek relief from cut-through traffic to avoid a signal at route 125.

Councilors voted Tuesday to send the request from Councilor Melinda E. Barrett, on behalf of a Front Street resident, to its Traffic and Safety committee. Barrett referred to a video supplied by the resident via e-mail.

“His video showed just 12, 15 cars in the morning, going through at a good clip. They’re avoiding the light at the top of Laurel because there’s no ‘right on red’ there, so it backs up all the way to Front Street which is a fair distance back. So they’re cutting through and going up Germain (Avenue) which is also a street that would never see traffic,”Barrett said.

According to Councilor William H. Ryan, who supported the request, the previous “right on red” for Laurel Avenue traffic ended under the state’s route 125 road improvement project through the Bradford section.

The intersection at Laurel Avenue is also used for construction vehicle access to the Hunking School project behind the Bradford fire station.

4 thoughts on “Council Considers Restoring ‘Right on Red’ at Bradford Intersection

  1. Take a look at the intersection. Going to make it difficult for right on red when cars are eating the school driveway….
    While on the subject why don’t they get rid of the second lane by the common?? Road rage heading into the square isn’t good

  2. Why does the council have to be involved in these trivial traffic decisions? It takes up way too much time. Just look at the one way fiasco in Bradford that they spent hundreds of hours combined on.
    Does the city already have someone that can make these decisions?

    • Rich, you’re absolutely right. And have you noticed how much ‘press’ coverage it’s getting? Looks like a sales pitch for them selling to the public that they’re actually doing something positive.

      More importantly, Melinda Barrett finally champions an issue in the city and ‘this’ is what she picks?
      Talk about low hanging fruit!! Being a downtown business owner who has stated in her own words that the parking tax the mayor implemented has ‘devastated’ her business, you’d think she’d be screaming to do something about it. Not to mention, she is well aware the Nazi style revenge tactics the mayor has taken against business owners there who dared to speak out against that policy by interfering in their businesses, yet she stays silent.

      People need to know this when they vote in a few weeks. Not only has she not accomplished anything during her term as a councilor…it’s worse…she’s kept her mouth shut to support mayor Taxman’s corrupt policies literally at the expense of herself, and her next door business owners downtown.

      Sorry, I’m being so harsh Melinda…I’m just telling the truth. I know you’ll read this and when you do please give the people in this city, including myself, the courtesy of explaining why you’ve been silent on the parking tax issue. We didn’t vote for you to be silent.

      • Jack I wont target anyone on the council BUT I feel that its tax dollars wasted by even having these trivial issues brought up. There has to be someone in city hall that can decide these menial tasks. Maybe the police or public safety etc? The city council should be discussing more serious matters OR not meeting as often OR cutting their salaries?
        Again JMO