Council Candidate Andy Vargas Encourages Younger Voter Turnout

City Councilor Andy Vargas.

Candidate Andy Vargas at last week’s League of Women Voters forum at Haverhill High School.

Haverhill City Council candidate Andy Vargas is calling on the city to do a better job registering and turning out young voters.

Vargas cited statistics showing only 323 people between the ages of 18 and 29 voted in Haverhill’s 2013 municipal elections. The numbers were provided by Tufts University’s Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement.

“There are an estimated 7,200 registered 18-29 year old voters in Haverhill, therefore the city witnessed an abysmal 4.4 percent turnout amongst young people,” Vargas said in a release. He said the city must “excite and invite” young people to participate and the city must improve voter registration.

Vargas said he will be at Haverhill High School today registering voters, alongside the Student Council and the Violence Intervention and Prevention team. The push comes on the last day to register to vote, in order to be eligible to vote this Nov. 3 and builds on the efforts of groups like the League of Women Voters who have also been focusing on voter registration at the high school and across the city.

3 thoughts on “Council Candidate Andy Vargas Encourages Younger Voter Turnout

  1. Andy, what better way to motivate people of any age to vote then to educate them to the facts of what impact Haverhill city government has on their lives? Without knowing what policies Haverhill’s liberal Democrat tax and spend mayor, and the rubber stamp city council are imposing on them why should they spend the time to vote? Here are a few suggestions…..

    ~Inform taxpayers that there are hundreds more retired employees taking from the city pension fund than paying into it….any shortfalls are made up by taxes paid by Haverhill taxpayers.
    ~Explain how the current liberal Democrat mayor advocated for the purchase and then sale of Hale Hospital leaving the city $100Million in debt.
    ~Explain how mayor Taxman created parking taxes downtown, which he is aggressively trying to raise.
    ~Tell them how the mayor bought a city vehicle and hired employees to drive around downtown to ticket as many cars as possible when they go there.
    ~Tell them how the mayor instituted a meals tax on restaurants throughout the city to take more of their money
    ~Explain how the mayor hired Trash Police to go door to door to fine people for not putting garbage at the street correctly, again targeting their wallets
    ~Tell them how the city increases property taxes 2.5% EVERY year!
    ~Explain how taxes have increased over 25% in just the past 8 years!!!!
    ~Explain how the city is literally broke and should be in state receivership.
    ~Tell them that water and sewer rates go up every year.

    Andy, having been educated and mentored by liberal Democrats, at this entry point into your young career in Massachusetts and Haverhill city politics whether you realize it or not, you’re already at a career crossroads. You have to decide to either keep your mouth shut about the factual realities of the corruption and incompetence within the city, or take your chances and tell the truth.

    You’re a good kid Andy, so here’s a heads up….telling the truth isn’t going to get you very far in this city. It might get you votes, and maybe even elected, but over the long term it won’t get you a seat with the career Hillie Hacks who hang out at Mark’s Diner.

  2. “He said the city must “excite and invite” young people to participate and the city must improve voter registration.” –

    Working for Representative Brian Demspey isn’t going to “excite and invite” any young people, that is unless they want to learn how true nepotism & cronyism work in Massachusetts “pay-to-play” politics. I think the youth get it, and understand they have simply been sold out by not one, but two generations before them.