Scully to Represent Schools at HCTV; Members Criticize Process

Haverhill Superintendent of School James F. Scully.

Haverhill Superintendent of School James F. Scully will serve as the school district’s representative on Haverhill Community Television’s (HCTV) board, but school committee members chastised the TV group over the process.

The Haverhill school committee Thursday unanimously approved a written request from HCTV for Scully’s “participation.” Scully read from their letter during the committee meeting.

‘“It has been a beneficial practice for the Haverhill school superintendent to sit on the HCTV board of directors. At this time we respectfully request your participation as a representative from the Haverhill Public Schools to serve on the Haverhill Community Television board of directors.’ If the committee so approves, I’ll just comply with the request,” Scully said.

According to HCTV’s letter, as read by Scully, former Haverhill Superintendent Dr. Raleigh Buchanan, the “most recent representative,” served on the board until he resigned in 2011.

Haverhill School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti.

Haverhill School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti.

Before the committee’s vote, discussion ensued over HCTV’s apparent rejection of Committeeman Paul A. Magliochetti as the committee’s representative on their panel. WHAV reported last April after months of wrangling with the city council, HCTV’s revised bylaws restored four city-appointed seats on its board including, in addition to the school committee, representatives for the mayor, library and Northern Essex Community College. The operator of the city’s public access, education and government channels, however, retains veto power of any appointee it does not deem “suitable.”

President Scott W. Wood Jr. said he had no issue with Scully serving on the board, but he chastised HCTV for what he called “hand picked” appointments.

“Who are they to tell the school department who should be representing the school department,” Wood said. “Just a point that I have, I don’t really care what their bylaws say, but they don’t direct us what to do. Again, I don’t really have a stake in this fight but I don’t think that a publicly funded media station should be telling the school department who can serve and who cannot serve on their board. I think there is something wrong with that picture in the way that makeup is set. And there millions upon million of taxpayer dollars being sent there.”

School Committee President Scott W. Wood Jr.

School Committee President Scott W. Wood Jr.

Wood added, “I (have) no problem with the superintendent going, my basic fundamental problem is that it’s funded by taxpayers dollars and they want to hand pick who oversees the expenditures of the taxpayers dollars,” Wood said. “My problem is not with the superintendent. My problem is with the way that the board is set and there is millions upon millions of taxpayers dollars that they get to hand pick who oversees them. I think there’s something wrong with that picture.”

Last April, Attorney Michael J. Hart, representing HCTV, said there was concern about Magliocchetti’s appointment because he is an elected city official. The school committeeman said another matter involving one of his law office colleagues had been a concern.

“An attorney in my office sent a letter requesting information for an individual, and subsequently sent another letter stating that neither he nor the firm will be representing the individual. That issue has been resolved,” Magliocchetti told WHAV.

Besides Scully, other members of HCTV’s board are James Cleary, president; Jonathan Miller, treasurer; Robert McConihe, clerk; Amy Callahan, Northern Essex Community College representative; Thomas Faulkner; Pam Carr; Ed Felker; W. Warren Medley; Frank Novak; Stanley W. Colten; Sarah Moser, Haverhill Public Library representative; and Robin Whitson, Girls Inc.

4 thoughts on “Scully to Represent Schools at HCTV; Members Criticize Process

  1. As a former member of HCTV since 1992, It is appalling that there is a process to whom is nominated and selected to their board. In years past it has been an elected board of volunteers with voting from the rank and file of HCTV. The remaining board member seats from the Haverhill Library, School Department, NECC and in past the old Bradford College were not hand picked. Rather, those seats were for the Library director, school superintendent and college president(s) or their designee respectively. Seems somehow along the road at 60 Elm Street, that HCTV changed their philosophies, and by-laws away from being a community and volunteer based media facility to a biased media outlet with their own agenda.

    Just shows that even at the local level, the “media” is biased with an agenda. Gone are the days of focusing on the community, volunteerism, and pride. Dare I say a liberal moonbat media outlet? Film at 11…

  2. Scott Wood: For someone who doesn’t have a problem with it you sure are whining a lot about it.

    I’ve got to hand it to you Scott….as you aspire to be somebody in liberal Massachusetts politics you’re promoting the party philosophy….”Let’s not pick the most qualified person for the job”.

    This just goes to show Scott, what an absolute rookie you are. Jim Scully is the most seasoned, polished politician that has come through this city in decades. No one in the past 25 years has done more to make a positive impact on the Haverhill school department that he has. And no one would be able to leverage the benefits and any other opportunities that HCTV can provide to Haverhill schools better than he would.

    Look what you’ve done now Scott with these public comments…Instead of keeping your mouth shut you’ve made the school department a target for anyone at HCTV who now feels they have to defend their decision. Do you have any idea how difficult that just made it for Scully to gain favor from HCTV for the benefit of the school department? You should have been publicly congratulating HCTV for their decision on behalf of the school board, not criticizing it in any way, regardless of what you or fellow board members think. You obviously have absolutely no idea how to develop and nurture relationships, and how to be a ‘real’ politician. This issue has proven, yet again, you certainly have no idea how to use the power of the press to the city’s benefit. Maybe next time you should consult with your campaign manager.

    You are an absolute amateur Scott…..

  3. After all of the problems associated with HCTV and the fact that they appear to be the entity telling everyone who they want on their Board, one would think HCTV would be more repentant and look not for a specific person, but for volunteers. I agree with Scott Wood.

    • Slippercity: The ironic thing is the history of HCTV start out at the basement of the old Bradford College and then later at 60 Elm Street with a focus on volunteers who worked long and hard after school and work providing informative programming to the community. In fact, years ago some volunteers from HCTV went on to working for the Boston television market in some shape or form (Maria Stephanos, Fox 25; Tiffany Middleton, WHDH (Creative Director); Shawn Denoncour, Fox25 news truck gopher); Ed Felker, WHDH (editor) . The elected board were members elected by the volunteers. They left their roots towards a very dangerous path of a business-like atmosphere forgetting the people who made it what it is.