Stepfather of HHS Student Says ‘Excessive Force’ Used by School Security

A man, who describes himself as the stepfather of a 14-year-old involved in an altercation with another high school student, said the girl suffered “a hole in her intestine” after being restrained by a security guard.

Ronald K. Sears, of Haverhill, told WHAV he believes the security guard used “excessive force” to break up the fight.

“The two girls were fighting when the security guard grabbed her, slammed her to the ground, smacking her head, causing a good size bump and bruise, and then pushed his knee into her abdomen hard enough to cause a hole in her intestine,” said Sears. “This was a 14-year-old girl with no weapons and wasn’t showing aggression toward the security guard. She was fighting with a girl that attacked her,” he added.

Sears said the student is being treated at Children’s Hospital, Boston, for “reconstructive surgery to her intestines.” He added, “She has a long road to recovery.”

“I have been a part of her life since she was two years old. She is a great kid and had a rough life,” said Sears.

Meanwhile, the district attorney’s office is trying to determine whether criminal charges should be filed against the guard, according to Carrie Kimball-Monahan, spokesperson to Essex District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett. “No decision has been made. This matter is under investigation,” she told WHAV.

Superintendent of Schools James F. Scully placed the unnamed security guard on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. Haverhill police and the state’s Department of Children and Families are conducting a “thorough review and investigation” into the incident that took place Monday, Scully said in a statement.

6 thoughts on “Stepfather of HHS Student Says ‘Excessive Force’ Used by School Security

  1. The way things are today, there should be 0 tolerance in the schools. If you want to fight, pick a place away from school grounds. How about a place like your own homes. What would your parents do??

  2. This man should not be punished. If children are to fight , do not do it in the school or there are consequences. This man was doing his job. Kids want to fight…simply expell them and let them live their lives as the losers they chose to be.

  3. Ronald, in the old days when we lived in a civil society the father of a kid who was involved in a fight at school would march the kid in to apologize for her behavior, not make excuses and blaming someone else for what happened to her. Sorry the kid is hurt, but maybe next time she’ll think about the consequences of her actions ahead of time.