Former Councilor Hall Tops November’s City Council Ballot

Former City Councilor David E. Hall.

If being first on the ballot gives candidates an advantage, former City Councilor David E. Hall and newcomer school committee candidate Pamela Conte secured edges after they picked first places in their respective races.

Hall, a former city councilor seeking a comeback, drew the first of 15 places on the city council ballot Tuesday night. Conte, a parent who became visible this year seeking parity between Early College and Advanced Placement students, drew the top slot on the school committee ballot.

The theory goes many voters pick the first nine recognizable names for council and first three for school committee.

Councilor Michael S. McGonagle, who placed second to last among the nine city councilors two years ago, secured the second position slot, followed by Councilors William J. Macek, Melinda E. Barrett and William H. Ryan; School Committeeman Joseph J. Bevilacqua, who is seeking a city council seat; former Councilor Michael J. Hart; Councilor Colin F. LePage; contenders Fred A. Simmons, Andy Vargas and Katrina Hobbs-Everett; Councilor Mary Ellen Daly-O’Brien; Council President John A. Michitson; Councilor Thomas J. Sullivan; and former Councilor Kenneth E. Quimby.

Following Conte on the school committee ballot are contender Gail M. Sullivan, incumbent School Committeemen Scott W. Wood Jr. and Shaun P. Toohey, and contenders Michael Shurman and former City Councilor Sven A. Amirian.

Hall, who is also a retired police officer, has been working as a volunteer in Mayor James J. Fiorentini’s office, responding to resident requests.

Hall, who was known to spar with Fiorentini when he served as a city councilor, works as the mayor’s official “constituent service representative.”

One thought on “Former Councilor Hall Tops November’s City Council Ballot

  1. Isn’t it interesting as you drive around the city that you don’t see even one campaign sign for Mayor Taxman? You’d think he’d dust a few off and put them in busy intersections just to show some effort. It just goes to show when you run unopposed you really don’t have to try too hard. Not that mayor Taxman would ever be accused of that. Especially when it comes to doing the right thing by the taxpayers of the city. Need proof? Look no further than who the Taxman’s friends are that he has breakfast with at Mark’s Diner downtown. How is it that he hangs out and has breakfast with Jim Flaherty?

    Flaherty was running a scam in this city for decades. Literally everyone who worked for the city knew it, especially mayor Taxman. But what did Taxman do about it? Nothing! The only reason Flaherty was pursued was because someone knew mayor Taxman wasn’t about to do anything about it and they dropped a dime and contacted the Attorney General’s Office. The rest is history. And now seeing the two of them at breakfast pretty much confirms mayor Taxman has signed off on Flaherty’s thievery. Flaherty knew Taxman had to fire him and his son once the AG was involved. It was politics and CYA at that point for Taxman. In the end, wouldn’t Flaherty hold a grudge against the guy who participated in him losing his pension? Why would Flaherty be associating with someone who participated in his personal downfall? It’s just the opposite. He’s hanging out with the corrupt Taxman who looked the other way while he robbed the city blind.

    To think these two slugs who ripped off Haverhill taxpayers for decades would be so bold to be seen laughing it up in public for the world to see is beyond sleazy.