High School Security Guard Breaks Up Student Fight, Placed on Leave

Haverhill High School.

A Haverhill High School security guard is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into conduct during an altercation between two students.

According to Superintendent of Schools James F. Scully, the action was taken Wednesday afternoon against the unidentified security guard as Haverhill police and the state’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) are conducting a “thorough review and investigation” into an incident at the high school Monday.

“During an altercation between two students, a security guard attempting to deescalate and stop a fight in the process allegedly had to restrain an individual,” Scully said in a statement. “This matter is under review by both Department of Children and Families and the Haverhill Police Department.”

This is a developing story.

13 thoughts on “High School Security Guard Breaks Up Student Fight, Placed on Leave

  1. AMEN to what Jack says…… The Culprits are now the Victims. Great country – America, where right is now wrong, and wrong is now right. These “girls” are most likely well known to HHS personnel and both are probably trouble makers.

  2. The norms of the world have been turned upside down and that’s supposed to be OK with us. Have you seen some of these “kids?” They are very big, as strong as oxen, ready to fight anyone who attempts to keep them in line, have their parents ready to defend them no matter what they do, and school administrators who treat the disciplinary folks like public enemy number one. Would NOT want to be in the shoes of that security guard; AND, Ron, what’s the other side of the story with respect to the 14 year old girl?

    • Let’s also not forget that a lot of kids are on meds and some are very aggressive as you said. Everyone here is correct to some extent but what was the guard to do ? Let them fight ? If he did that he would have been fired for NOT getting involved. What if he stood by and one of the girls died ? Then what ? Would you be suing because he DIDN;T protect her ? Of course you would. Once again folks the culprits are NOT to blame and have become the victims.

  3. Clearly he over did his job and why is it everytime there is a fight or crime commited the person has to be a thug the girl is 14 and aint nothing thug about her I can show you a thug I know plenty of them and regardless of whether they are fighting or not putting a 14 yr old girl in the hospital with a hole in her intestines thats over the edge

  4. This guy should not be working with kids. He put a 14 year old girl in the hospital. She was rushed to Boston childrens and needed to have reconstructive surgery to her intestines from his actions. Obviously he used excessive force.

  5. These security guards have the most difficult job in the entire school system. In the past couple of years one of them, a great guy who is very well liked at HHS, had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance after getting knocked out by an out of control thug during a fight.

    Reading between the lines it looks like a case of out of control liberalism of the thug claiming to be the victim…
    “He hurt me when he grabbed me and tackled me to the ground”

    Jim Scully….make it easy for these hard working people….for their own safety, as well as for others… equip them with mace to break up fights.

      • C’mon what, Rich? Liberalism is out of control!!! We see it every day just within the borders of Haverhill, never mind in the State or Nationally. Just look at the recent news that comes out of Haverhill….
        ~The tax and spend Democrat mayor advocating for increasing the already excessive parking tax at the expense of downtown business owners..
        ~Teachers whining their CBA pay increase is not enough…
        ~The city council voting to take private property with the sole purpose to sell it at a profit
        ~We even have a newbie running for city council on a ‘community organizer’ platform.
        Never mind the whole PP and BLM movement rising out of the victimization movement.

        Okay, maybe I’m reaching Rich… but I could give you a LOT of examples I personally know about with Liberalism being alive and well at HHS.
        I’m just trying to connect the dots…..

        • Jack your way out there on this one. The reason there is even a security guard on site is because parenting has become passe and divorce has become a excuse with many. Parenting is not at home anymore and teachers have become parents. Who suffers?… the kids. Their parents mostly don’t care and its usually those kids that are in trouble everyday.
          You really need to stop blaming “liberals” for everything thats wrong every single

          • Rich, I enjoy you’re posts on here and appreciate the comments. But sorry buddy…you’re actually confirming my premise! Ask yourself…With the generational increase in the number of single parent families how is it that they can survive without the financial assistance this whacko liberal state provides? SNAP, WIC, NSLP, et.al….. Throw in the vast number of illegals from other countries sitting in school classrooms, people moving to Massachusetts for SPED bennies and Federally intrusive mandated programs like No Child Left Behind and it’s liberalism that has facilitated the whole thing. Never mind going down the path of in school daycare for the babies having babies. State programs even provide funding for after school programs to enable the whole failing process that they created in the first place.

            Rich, in the future feel free to rebut the observations I make about specific liberals like the self-proclaimed proud democrat tax and spend mayor and his failed policies, or the general comments about groups like teachers who work in a collective bargaining environment which benefits only themselves. I’d like to hear specifically what you disagree with…..

          • Buddy?
            Come on Jack every one of your posts blames one group for any of today’s issues. Your just a typical angry right winger.
            Sure Jack everyone on SNAP, WIC etc is a liberal. Divorce only happens to liberals … My advice is turn off angry news and take a walk.

  6. WHAT ? He did what he was supposed to do and got suspended ? WOW ! This and other incidents like this are why people don’t want to apply for these jobs. Maybe punish the kids who were fighting. What a thought !