WHAV’s Website Attracts 5.8 Million Visitors in Two Months

CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince.

Tim Coco

WHAV President and General Manager Tim Coco.

During the last two months, WHAV’s website attracted 5.8 million visits, according to independent website provider CloudFlare.

San Francisco-based CloudFlare today released figures showing 5,769,635 visitors came to WHAV.net. WHAV turned to CloudFlare’s content delivery network two months ago to speed up the radio station’s news pages and streaming audio loads.

“Today’s figures demonstrate not only the popularity of WHAV, but also confirm the public’s craving for intensely local news and information,” said Tim Coco, WHAV’s president and general manager. He explained the numbers do not represent individual users, but rather the combined visits to WHAV over the 60-day period.

Coco said the news vacuum filled by WHAV confirms the need to launch the non-profit organization’s FM radio station. FM brings local news content to those without Internet access or during emergencies when such access may be impossible. Earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted WHAV a construction permit to build a new FM station at 97.9. Construction will commence once siting issues have been resolved and enough money is raised. Contributions to WHAV’s “Make Waves—Bring Local News to FM” campaign may be made at GoFundMe.

CloudFlare grew out of an effort to track and stop email spam. Matthew Prince, Lee Holloway and Michelle Zatlyn founded the company while Prince was working toward his master’s at Harvard Business School. While originally designed to combat spam, the system also was found to speed up the delivery of Web pages. CloudFlare won the prestigious Harvard Business School Business Plan competition in 2009.

One thought on “WHAV’s Website Attracts 5.8 Million Visitors in Two Months

  1. Congratulations Tim Coco and staff !
    WHAV is doing a great job providing local news that we otherwise wouldn’t know about since The Eagle Tribune has been censoring any negative news coming from the Falurentini administration.
    Keep up the great work….