Haverhill Expects to Save $10,000 Annually with New City Hall Lighting

Lighting in Haverhill City Hall is being retrofitted with energy-saving LED fixtures.

All fluorescent lights in the building will be replaced at a cost of $100,000—with electricity utility National Grid donating $50,000 and the balance spread out over the city’s energy bills over five years.

“The city will save $10,000 annually after the five year savings is paid for the materials and installation,” said Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini. “The new lights will require half of the electricity and provide more light than the fluorescent lamps.”

LEDs are light emitting diodes. Retrofitting began Sept. 21 and is expected to be completed in another week. Fixtures carry a 10-year warranty, Fiorentini said.

“The savings the city will realize will be immediate. The updates will provide better light for our residents when they visit city hall as well as for our employees,” the mayor said.

One thought on “Haverhill Expects to Save $10,000 Annually with New City Hall Lighting

  1. Mayor Taxman, the savings will be immediate? How so? You say yourself the $10,000. per month savings goes to pay off the investment and the city won’t see a savings until 5 years from now. By then, you will have raised taxes over 12.5%. At current budget levels you raising taxes by 2.5% annually means taxes are going up by almost $4Million per year for Haverhill taxpayers. That means by the time the city starts actually saving $10,000.00 per year from this project, factoring for compounding interest you will have raised taxes by over $20Million dollars for Haverhill taxpayers in that same period!!!!!!!!!!! $20Million !!!!!!!!

    Anything else you want to try selling to promote all the good things you’re doing for Haverhill citizens, Mr. Taxman??