Harbor Place-Related Water Main Work to Disrupt Downtown Traffic

The original Harbor Place design. The proposed building is now five stories tall.

Water main replacement work as part of the ongoing Harbor Place development on the eastern end of Merrimack Street is expected to bring “significant disruptions” to traffic patterns in that area of downtown Haverhill over the next four weeks.

According to an updated announcement Monday from Haverhill Economic Development and Planning Director William Pillsbury, Harbor Place contractor Dellbrook Construction has agreed to move the start of the water main replacement from Wednesday to Monday, Sept. 21. However, plans are unchanged for 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday closures of Merrimack Street from vehicular through traffic between How Street and Main Street. The closures will occur “while maintaining access for local businesses only as well as access to the parking garage and Pentucket Bank drive thru.”

“These closures are necessitated by the installation of water lines and related utilities in the street,” Pillsbury said. “We have held extensive discussions between the city departments and the contractor to minimize the impacts but this work must be done and there will be significant disruptions. All efforts will be made to ensure local traffic including truck deliveries to local businesses and banks during the entire period.”

During construction hours, eastbound and westbound vehicular through traffic will be detoured onto Bailey Boulevard between How Street and Main Street. Truck traffic will be detoured at Emerson Street between Bailey Boulevard and Merrimack Street. Local deliveries to Merrimack Street businesses are excluded and “will always be allowed.” The water main replacement is expected to be completed in mid-October.

“Pedestrian traffic will not be impacted and all local Merrimack Street businesses will remain open during construction, a Dellbrook spokesperson said in a statement.  “The lower and upper parking deck will remain open and accessible for all local businesses and vehicular access to the Pentucket Bank drive thru facility will be available through the lower garage level.”

In an e-mail to its customers, Pentucket Bank advises access to its main branch during the Merrimack Street closures can be made through the lower parking deck entrance to the exit into the bank parking lot for drive-up services, then exit by left turn onto Merrimack Street. Customers also can enter the building through the second floor entrance at the upper parking deck level. There, free 30-minute parking, with no meters required, will be allowed in the row of spaces in front of the wall nearest the bank.

2 thoughts on “Harbor Place-Related Water Main Work to Disrupt Downtown Traffic

  1. The tax and spend liberal democrat Taxman mayor has been bragging about all the union jobs this project is generating.

    And now significant delays.
    There’s a surprise….

    • The Fish Family, Marty “Term Limits” Meehan, Jimmy, Brian, are laughing all the way to the bank. What a coup, take a property that no one would touch for over four decades, hire a connected crony family to take over and build, and give taxpayers the bill. Brilliant.