Haverhill DPW Plans Electronics Recycling Day Sept. 26

Haverhill’s Division of Public Works (DPW) is having an electronics recycling day from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 26, at the DPW recycling and compost center, 500 Primrose St.

The drop-off-only event is free for most electronics. There is a $15 fee for televisions and $10 fee for computer monitors of any size. Television and other electronics should not be placed curbside for pickup, according to a spokesperson.

“Thank you for all who have participated in our electronics recycling events last year,” the spokesperson said. “In 2014 we recycled 53,481 pounds of electronics in two days! Keep up the great work and remember that you can recycle all sorts of other electronics like CD Players, DVD/VHS players, walk-mans, iPods, stereo wires and other gadgets.”

For more information, contact Haverhill DPW at (978) 374-2360.

One thought on “Haverhill DPW Plans Electronics Recycling Day Sept. 26

  1. How much money is the City of Haverhill making off of this?

    The city obviously outsources the process to a company in the recycling business who then disposes of the material at a profit. Seems like yet another hidden revenue source the mayor isn’t telling anyone about. And what is the mayor doing with the revenue generated from this????