Michitson Says Haverhill Needs a ‘Triple Play’ to Advance

Haverhill City Council President John A. Michitson.

election_central_2015Haverhill City Council President John A. Michitson says Haverhill needs a “triple play” in economic development, public education and public safety to make it to the next level.

He is expected to explain during a re-election kickoff fundraiser from 5:30 until 8 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 9, at Maria’s Galleria Banquet Room, 81 Essex St.

“He has been a leader in all three areas, leading Haverhill’s current push to reduce violent crimes in our neighborhoods following a brutal murder on High Street, stumping door to door for the new Hunking School facility and being a catalyst for a capital improvements plan that addresses all of our school and city buildings, and most notably pounding the drums for economic development to provide good jobs at all levels and expand the commercial tax base,” a press release reads.

Michitson said he worked with the House Ways and Means Chairman Brian Dempsey, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and the Greater Haverhill Foundation to secure a $150,000 grant to launch Haverhill’s first comprehensive economic development plan in decades to attract new businesses and retain existing businesses. During the fundraiser, he will “discuss a proof of concept hands-on project that he led to develop a new strategy to match innovators from innovation hot spots, such as Boston’s Innovation District and Cambridge’s Kendall Square, with advanced manufacturing in Haverhill. The invention and inventors of a new product to enable first responders to see and sense what is in the room before entering it will be on hand to exemplify the new strategy.”

The suggested donation is $25. Seniors will be admitted free.

5 thoughts on “Michitson Says Haverhill Needs a ‘Triple Play’ to Advance

  1. I’ll pass on his re-election “party” – my suggested ‘donation’ to any and all incumbents is DON’T. My suggested action is to refuse to vote for 1 incumbent at all.

    When it came to increased parking fees – they all voted to take more of your money

    When it came time to increase water rates – they all voted to take more of your money.

    When it came time to increase sewer rates – they all voted to to take more of your money.

    They are all gutless and none deserve your vote OR your time.

  2. John, while you’re at it, maybe you can name just one issue that you weren’t a rubber stamp for this tax and spend mayor. JUST ONE !! Where were you on his recent proposal to increase parking fees? Where were you when he was implementing a meals tax? Can you name one fiscal year budget where you took the lead to cut his out of control spending????

    Finding ways to secure state tax funds by piggy backing on the guy who determines where those funds go is NOT an accomplishment John!! Nice try though. That will probably impress those folks who aren’t paying attention.

    If public education is your focus John, maybe you can reveal your plan on how the City of Haverhill can stop getting whacked every year by outrageous special education costs? Have you made a proposal to the Haverhill State Rep delegates to propose making changes to that law at the state level? What have you done? Anything?

    • I replied to you earlier Jack and posted a comment, but it seems WHAV took it down – I guess the Mayor has got to them too.

      Welcome to Stalingrad!

      • No comments are taken down unless there are personal attacks or certain four-letter words. WHAV suspects page “caching” (showing old pages in place of newer ones as a means of reducing load on the server) by its independent web host to be the culprit.