‘Make Waves’—Bring Local News to FM Campaign Update

Click image to download "Make Waves" campaign brochure and pledge form.

Click image to download “Make Waves” campaign brochure and pledge form.

WHAV continues to conduct its “Make Waves” campaign to raise money necessary to build FM transmitter facilities.

The sooner non-profit WHAV achieves its fundraising goals, the sooner Haverhill’s new FM station goes on the air at 97.9. To make an online contribution, click here. Otherwise, contributions may be mailed to:

189 Ward Hill Ave.
Haverhill, MA 01835-6973

 Thank You!

As of Aug. 30, the following contributions were received:

Contributor Gift
Al Brenner $50.00
Jack Roy $100.00
Tom Bergeron $1,000.00
Jessica Finocchiaro $20.00
Dave Tibbetts $250.00
Marc Lemay $25.00
Larry Olasky $50.00
Elaine Barker $50.00
Larry Seaman $50.00
Jean Poth $50.00
WXBJ Radio $25.00
Gerald McCall $100.00
Eva Rajczyk $25.00
Mary O’Neil $50.00
Joseph Edwards $200.00
Patricia Johnson $50.00
Carolyn & Charles Russell $25.00
Fred Simmons $100.00
Stan Colten $25.00
Jay McDonough $20.00
Connie Corr $25.00
Michael LaBonte $100.00
Tom Stites $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Gregory & Joan Caliri $100.00
Alvinza Hanson $50.00
Donna Halper $60.00
Kendall & Evelyn Smith $100.00
Thomas & Katina Mortimer $250.00
Ken Bernard $50.00
Eva Rajczyk $25.00
David Goudsward $100.00
William & Maureen Ryan $100.00
Matt Pereira $25.00
Marcia and Dale Rogers $200.00
Colin LePage $100.00
Eva Rajczyk $25.00
Linda Koutoulas $35.00
Michael Schroth $100.00
Kerry Fitzgerald $100.00
Gerard Boucher $100.00
Scott Wood $25.00
Ryan White $25.00
Joseph LeBlanc $25.00

Tom Bergeron, host of Hollywood’s Dancing with the Stars, is honorary chairperson of the campaign. He began his career at WHAV in 1972. Contributions may be made by clicking here.