Drug Prevention Group Hosts ‘A Reason For Hope’ Sept. 12

Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon will serve on a panel.

The Merrimack Valley Prevention And Substance Abuse Project is providing training, distributing the heroin antidote Narcan to trained users and hosting a panel at its second annual event next month.

Themed “A Reason For Hope,” the event takes place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 12, at Methuen Senior Activity Center, 77 Lowell St., Methuen. Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon, who sought the funds to train and supply police in the use of Narcan, is among the panelists.

The forum and training is open to the public, according to organizer Phil Lahey.

One thought on “Drug Prevention Group Hosts ‘A Reason For Hope’ Sept. 12

  1. Hey, Methuen…
    In case you didn’t notice…your neighbor to the south officially proclaimed itself a “Sanctuary City” last week. As if Lawrence didn’t have enough illegals living there already.

    Hope? You better hope all the illegal criminal trespassers don’t start moving into Methuen and bring all their drugs and crime with them !!!