Goudreault Withdraws from City Council Race

Christopher C. Goudreault, one of 16 contenders for a seat on the Haverhill City Council, decided Wednesday morning to withdraw from the race.

While Goudreault, son of late Councilor Marjorie E. Goudreault, met all of the requirements to run, he cited pressing family and work issues.

“I spoke to the city clerk and, because of employment-related issues and family issues—I have a 10 year old, I cannot give my full effort to an election for council. This doesn’t mean there won’t be a future run but now is not a good time,” Goudreault told WHAV.

Haverhill City Clerk Linda L. Koutoulas said Goudreault’s name would not appear on the ballot since he met the Aug. 20 deadline for withdrawal. “He had plenty of signatures. There were no problems,” she said.

Goudreault is an employee of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department and is also the nephew of City Councilor William H. Ryan. He became active in local politics this year when he opposed a special permit to allow a 10-vehicle sales lot at 7-9 East Broadway. His neighbor, Devon Tucker, operator of Ideal Service Center, petitioned for approval. Goudreault’s mother, who passed away in 2005, served many terms on the Haverhill City Council and began her political career on the Haverhill School Committee.