Police Make Arrests After Nearly 300 Newspapers Were Stolen

Copies of the Eagle-Tribune after recovery by Haverhill Police.

Three Lawrence residents have been charged with larceny in connection with the theft of nearly three hundred copies of the Sunday Eagle-Tribune this past weekend.

A carrier for the paper was picking up the bundles outside of 2 Water St. in preparation of delivery when she noticed people she didn’t recognize taking the papers from their drop point. The witness followed the vehicle through the city, alerting police to the theft.

The basics of the arrests were first reported by WHAV News Monday, but more details emerged after police reports were completed. After a brief chase, police arrested 37-year-old Yolanda Hernandez and 61-year-old Rosa Rivera of Foster Street in Lawrence, along with 39-year-old Ulkys Martinez of About Street. The three were charged conspiracy and larceny. Rivera is facing additional vehicle charges including marked lane and speeding violations.

Coupon Theft May be Motive

One of the thieves’ motives, a police official speculated, may be to sell the newspaper’s coupons online as is seen in other parts of the country. Earlier this year, four Spartanburg County, S.C., residents were arrested and charged in a scheme to steal coupons from a local newspaper with the aim of selling them online.

5 thoughts on “Police Make Arrests After Nearly 300 Newspapers Were Stolen

  1. I believe they also use the coupons to buy products for very cheap, or even free with the coupons sometimes, and then sell them on the local fb yard sale sites. I see pics of loads of beauty products and things like laundry soap being sold on there.

  2. Gee – I wonder if any of these perps are here illegally? Maybe on some type of welfare? Wait – I’m sure they are in this country “out of love” as Jeb Bush would say.

    Not surprised it was for the coupons though – the Tribune isn’t worth the paper its printed on …….LOL