Police Seek Public’s Help in Identifying Man Who May Have Taken Wallet

Police are looking for the identity of this man shown in store surveillance video.

Haverhill police are seeking the public’s help in locating a man who left Market Basket’s downtown location Tuesday with another person’s wallet.

Haverhill Police Captain Robert P. Pistone told WHAV a man using an electric cart appears to have taken a wallet mistakenly left behind by a Haverhill man at the 2 Water St. supermarket. A review of the store’s surveillance video shows the victim put his wallet down on a shelf near a checkout counter.

“There was a man in an electric shopping cart that was provided by Market Basket that checked out behind the victim. The man in the cart then drove over to the lottery scratch ticket vending machine, right next to the camera. In the background, you can see another man checking out and he must have thought that the man in the electric cart was the owner of the wallet. He handed the wallet over to the man in the electric cart. And subsequently, the man in the electric cart took the wallet and left the store,” Pistone said.

The incident was reported to police at about 3:30 p.m., Tuesday, when the man realized his wallet was missing. Pistone described the person in the electric cart as a white male, 50 to 60 years old, wearing eyeglasses, jean shorts, black and white sneakers, a black t-shirt with the word “Rocky” on the front and with a Mohawk haircut.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Haverhill police at (978) 373-1212.

4 thoughts on “Police Seek Public’s Help in Identifying Man Who May Have Taken Wallet

  1. I wish people would be more respectful and not steal from others. I just don’t agree with that and I am a parent of 3 trying to make them grow up to be honest and giving. This sucks.

  2. What a sleaze ball this guy is….I’m sure that there isn’t anything wrong with him that he needs an electric car to ride in either! Some poor disabled person probably went without because of this low life!

    • You shouldn’t judge someone based on their looks and with no facts whatsoever. This man may be disabled enough to warrant an electric cart. Not to mention, judging by his age he may be a bit more senile than hehe cares to admit and have genuinely thought it was his wallet when someone handed it to him.

      I’m sorry for you Paul, that you’re so willing to judge this man without any pertinent information. You should be ashamed of yourself.