Sons of Italy Victor Emanuel Lodge Honors Mayor Fiorentini

Mayor James J. Fiorentini Friday received the Italian American Appreciation Award from the Sons of Italy Victor Emanuel Lodge in Haverhill.

The award is given to an individual who has displayed courage, leadership, determination, and has made an impact on the lives of individuals in the city of Haverhill, according to the group. He was presented the award in recognition of his continued support of Italian-American culture in Haverhill.

“I am honored to be recognized by the Sons of Italy, this award means the world to me, Fiorentini said when presented the award by Lawrence Carnevale, Sons of Italy vice-president. “My father was my mentor and I owe all of my accomplishments to him…I have always been proud on my Italian heritage and I am flattered to be given this prestigious award,” the mayor added.

“Congratulations! It was one of my proudest moments to present (the award) to Haverhill’s great mayor!” said Carnevale, who is also a funeral director with Paul C. Rogers Family-Carnevale Funeral Home, Monument Square.

In attendance at the city hall ceremony was the mayor’s wife, Martha Fiorentini, and invited guests.

One thought on “Sons of Italy Victor Emanuel Lodge Honors Mayor Fiorentini

  1. This is an absolute joke!
    Oh, he’s made an impact on the lives of the people of Haverhill alright!!
    His lying, corruption and tax and spend policies will be with Haverhill ‘forever’!! Parking taxes, meals tax, 25% increase in property taxes in just the last 8 years, water rate increases, DPW service rate increases….the mayor is to be thanked for all these…and they’re ‘never’ going away.

    And let’s not forget…if anyone was asked what the biggest problem the City of Haverhill has face the last ten years I think it’s safe to say ‘the Hale Hospital debt’. And who is most responsible for that??? James Failurentini!! He was a city councilor when the city bought the hospital and was a councilor the whole time it was being mismanaged. He signed off on the sale of the hospital that burdened the city with when it’s all done close to $100Million in debt!!!

    Can anyone name even ONE thing this failure has succeeded at? Just one??