Agency Challenges Governor’s Veto of Cultural Grant Increase

The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), which distributes money to local cultural councils, took aim at Governor Charlie Baker Friday, urging legislators to override the governor’s veto of an agency funding increase.

Baker’s veto reduces the council’s budget from to $14 million to $11.8 million. In total, the council said, Baker vetoed approximately $162 million of additional spending proposed by the legislature.

“This is not the final step in FY16 budget process. The legislature still has the opportunity to override any vetoes until the end of the session on July 31,” a statement said.

Area cultural councils, funded by MCC, this year awarded $51,587 to area local, non-profit arts and cultural groups.

In WHAV’s coverage area, Haverhill distributed nearly $24,000, while Methuen gave nearly $17,000, Andover, nearly $6,000 and Groveland, nearly $5,000. Projects include E. Philip Brown’s Haverhill Trivia Book 375th Anniversary Edition and work at the Shoeworkers Memorial Plaza in downtown Haverhill.

One thought on “Agency Challenges Governor’s Veto of Cultural Grant Increase

  1. Not that anyone is asking for my opinion, but it seems outrageous a state agency would balk about the governor, its boss–directly or indirectly. They’ve done it to both Democratic and Republican leaders. I too would like to see more money distributed to local arts and culture, but this group has an attitude problem. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the governor axed their money just to send them a message about it. Worse, these condescending, but culturally illiterate, bubbleheads think they are the final arbiter of what’s art and culture in the Commonwealth. They probably would have turned down Renoir for a modest grant! Should the legislature override Baker’s veto, it should be on the condition there is a thorough house cleaning at the Massachusetts Cultural Council.