Bevilacqua Takes Out Nomination Papers for City Council Run

School Committeeman Joseph J. Bevilacqua has taken out nomination papers for a city council run.

This fall’s Haverhill City Council election is becoming highly contested with the entrance of a current school committee member and another former councilor.

School Committeeman Joseph J. Bevilacqua took out nomination papers from the Haverhill City Clerk’s office yesterday, while former councilor David E. Hall took out papers last week. Bevilacqua still has two years left on his current school committee term.

Haverhill City Council Vice President Robert H. Scatamacchia.

Haverhill City Council Vice President Robert H. Scatamacchia.

The race has already garnered attention with the possibility council Vice President Robert H. Scatamacchia—under indictment over business-related finances—won’t seek re-election. The election also promises to be close with the candidacy of former council President Michael J. Hart, who has already returned completed papers.

A newcomer, Andy Vargas, 83 Arlington St., also announced today he would also be returning nomination papers for city council today. Vargas was born in Cambridge, and moved to Haverhill with his family when he was six. He attended Haverhill schools, including Burnham, Pentucket Lake and Haverhill High School. In a release, he said the Vargas family is of Dominican-American descent. Vargas interned at the Massachusetts Statehouse, serving a senator and a representative over two years. He also interned on separate occasions at the White House and U.S. Embassy, Madrid, Spain.

Others who have returned nomination papers for city council include incumbents William J. Macek, Michael S. McGonagle, Melinda E. Barrett and William H. Ryan; former councilor Kenneth E. Quimby Jr.; and newcomers Fred A. Simmons and Katrina Everett.

Those returning nomination papers for school committee include incumbent Shaun P. Toohey and newcomer Michael Shurman.

6 thoughts on “Bevilacqua Takes Out Nomination Papers for City Council Run

  1. I find the Eagle Tribune’s coverage of politics to be incredibly uninformed and lame. They write about Ryan’s braying that they should not appoint a replacement for Scatamaccia, but never point out that the guy waiting in the wings is Dave Hall and there’s nothing Billy Ryan would like less than Dave Hall on the council calling him on his BS.

    Also, i wouldn’t judge Bob Scatamaccia yet. He cleaned up some messes over the years left by another, deceased, family member by doing the right thing and few people know about it

  2. Another heavyweight puts in his two cents. This is going to be interesting. I am sure Bevi will get in and then use the
    platform to bloviate and then run for Mayor. Then you add Hart to the mix, who wouldn’t say boo if the sky was falling.and let’s the Mayor do whatever he wants. Scattamachia is the mystery right now and who will his supporters vote for ? Who will get bounced in the end ? Maybe the people will finally figure out that Lie’in Ryan is useless. Maybe they will figure out how clueless some of these people really are ? Nahhh, never happen here. After all, look at who we have for a Mayor !

    • Bevi is a democrat as most are. But, these elections are considered ” non-partisan” as no party designation is needed as it is a local election. I warn folks that it should be considered partisan because these folks control our city and the ideology matters regardless of what seat it is. The Mayor is a big democrat.

      • Of course it matters what party their political beliefs are based on…that’s why I made the request I did.

        When mayor failurentini stands up at a chamber of commerce meeting like he did a few weeks back and starts by saying “He’s proud to be a Democrat”…and then bases that on the failing social welfare redistribution program called Obamacare that’s something people should know in advance before election day.