Mayor Gives Purchasing Agent Additional Duties as Maintenance Director

Orlando Pacheco with Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini after Pacheco's 2014 hiring as city purchasing agent.

The city of Haverhill’s purchasing agent and energy manager will take on an additional role at city hall as maintenance director, if confirmed by the Haverhill City Council next week.

In a memo dated Thursday to city councilors, Mayor James J. Fiorentini said he has appointed Orlando Pacheco as the new city maintenance director. He will be tasked with planned improvement projects in and around Haverhill City Hall, including repairs to an outside retaining wall and the parking lot stairway.

“This will go to the city council next week. Mr. Pacheco has been with us a year and I feel that he is doing an outstanding job,” Fiorentini said. “His work in Methuen is down to one day a week and he feels that he will have the time, or should I say make the time, to do this.”

In the added role, Pacheco would supervise a city hall custodian and “can also call upon the school maintenance department and a number of outside vendors for assistance.” In addition to the planned repairs outside city hall, indoor work would include a new assessment of deficiencies in the building and its boiler by an outside company, as well as added measures for “overall cleanliness.”

“City hall is as clean, in my opinion, as it has been at least in my 12 years, thanks in no small part to Hector (Jimenez) and to our outside nighttime cleaning crew,” Fiorentini said. “More needs to be done. I have asked that the front hallway be buffed twice a year and that the stairways be power cleaned and buffed.”

“All of this is expensive, Fiorentini added. “I will probably be in for a transfer from capital once we get a handle on the costs. We all want our city hall to be safe, clean and presentable.”

The Haverhill city council’s next meeting in regular session is scheduled at 7 p.m. next Tuesday, July 14.

2 thoughts on “Mayor Gives Purchasing Agent Additional Duties as Maintenance Director

  1. Here he goes again. His cheapness once again shows his specialty. He hires people part time then gets them to work more hours by wearing more hats. Old saying: man who wears many hats, wears none well ! So, how long have we been without a Maint. director ? Maybe if we had one, the leaks at the police station among other issues, could have been fixed sooner. Oops, sorry, they haven’t been fixed yet and are STILL leaking.How about the sprinkler system that was recalled back in 2001 and will not work properly if there is a fire ? The fire stations wouldn’t have been nearing condemnation. I could go on for hours. Yea, the Maintenance Mayor NOT !

  2. I have worked at City Hall for many years and yes, Hector does an amazing job. He is the best custodian that has ever been hired. Thank you Hector for doing a great job. He is very much appreciated by all who work there.