Groveland Arrests Haverhill Man for Alleged Harassment

A Haverhill man was charged by Groveland police for his alleged role in a recent drive-by harassment and attack against a woman walking her dogs.

Kyle A. Guerra-Therrien, 19, of the Bradford section, was arrested by Groveland police July 3 after an investigation into an incident that occurred on June 30, according to Groveland Police Chief Robert J. Kirmelewicz. Guerra-Therrien was arraigned in Haverhill District Court on charges of felony assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, use of a motor vehicle in commission of a felony and littering.

“At approximately 6:30 p.m. on June 30, a 47-year-old woman walking her two dogs flagged down officers at the intersection of Center and Salem streets in Groveland,” a Groveland police spokesperson said. “The victim said she was walking along the roadway when a silver Honda drove by her, and one of the occupants threw a beer can at her and the occupants were yelling obscenities at her. Five minutes later, she said that the same car came back and the occupants were hanging out the windows yelling obscenities at her.  Then, the vehicle passed her a third time, with the occupants making obscene gestures.”

The alleged victim was able to get the car’s license plate number. The car was traced to a 69-year old Haverhill resident who told investigators his grandson had been in possession of the car at the time, police said.

“This is a deeply disturbing incident,” Kirmelewicz said. “I commend our officers for their investigation and making a quick arrest in this case.”

An investigation remains ongoing as Groveland Police are seeking to identify the other occupants of the vehicle.

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