Updated: ‘Taking Haverhill Back’ Annual Event Takes Place July 12

Update: Because of predicted inclement weather, the event originally scheduled for Sunday, June 28, has been rescheduled for Sunday, July 12.

Taking Haverhill Back, organized to fight heroin addiction in the city, is having its third annual awareness event Sunday, July 12, at Haverhill High School.

The free event is open to the public and takes place from 1 to 6 p.m., behind Haverhill High School by the track field, according to organizer Chris Shine of Haverhill. It features information about treatment programs, live music, speakers, shirt raffle, free bracelets, free face painting by Jess Carotenuti, recovery poetry and a picnic. The group was organized by Matthew Rogers after the loss of his brother.

“We will be flying kites in remembrance to the friends and family we lost due to substance abuse,” Shine said. There will also be a performance by Latriah Jelks Masters, appearance by “Spoon” Scott Bedard, Lawrence’s Sonic and disc jockey “Finga Tipz “ Jason Therrien. Shine suggests attendees bring Blankets for the field and their own food for the picnic.

Shine said he is in recovery after being revived last Oct. 14 by Narcan after an overdose. He said the incident inspired him to help others in the group.

Besides Shine, participants include Matthew Rogers, poet Matt Ganem, Dury Elduro, Rich Barnes, Lauren Saben, Haverhill School Committee President Scott W. Wood Jr., Jerry Robito, Spectrum Health Systems Inc., Power of Self Education (POSE), Learn 2 Cope, Habit Opco of Lawrence, Banyan Treatment, Merrimack Valley Prevention and Substance Abuse Project (MVPASAP), Whittier Pavilion and New Beginnings peer recovery center.

3 thoughts on “Updated: ‘Taking Haverhill Back’ Annual Event Takes Place July 12

  1. I happen to think that this is a great way to spread information and inspiration to the masses that may not have it in themselves currently. I hope that you all will inspire people that need it the most. people that need to realize that there are others out there that actually care. power on to the people! My girlfriend is attending this to help lend a hand to those in need and she helps me to understand that nobody is a lost cause and for her to be so successful at convincing me to give out more chances to those that struggle, I’m quite sure she will have the same effect on others. Her light shines bright enough to illuminate the world around her. I love you CL always.

    Sincerely, AJT

  2. So crazy how backwards Haverhill is endorsing a known addict to fund raise and hold a family event at a school. Shame on everyone. There are programs in place for addicts already. Maybe efforts should be made for the children without parents, you know the real victims of the epidemic. The people who decided to use and abuse hard drugs are not victims .

    • so crazy how you think….many people didn’t just decide to use hard drugs…many of these people started with a prescription straight form a doctors hands until they were addicted and then no more prescription and it changes you brain chemically…they are victims whether you admit it to your self or not and once it happens in your family you will see the disease for what it really is.